The Kills – Rock and Photobooth Art


The Kills are an indie rock band formed by American singer Alison Mosshart and British guitarist Jamie Hince. They used photobooth photos to promote their albums and concerts for many years. The collection they present on their website, here, is extensive and fun for a lover of booth photos to explore.


The sleeve of their début EP (2002), Black Rooster, (below) featured manipulated photos of Mosshart and Hince taken in a photobooth.


Their second single,  Fried My Little Brains (below), from their first album also featured a photobooth photo for the cover art.


With not a clue in the world what the band sounded like, I took a punt and purchased their début album (below) Keep on Your Mean Side (2003) from which the above single was taken. I thought that if I didn’t like the music, the cover would be a nice addition to my photobooth ephemera collection. I loved it on the first listening. I was very happy that their music rocked as much as their obsession with photobooths!

POST SCRIPT – Since writing this post a fortnight ago, I have bought a second album, Midnight Boom (2008). I love this band!

photoboothTheKillsAlbumCover Keep on your mean side

    • and to think I’d never heard any of theri music before. They are a great band. I love them,too.


  1. John said:

    Great photos AND you got your money’s worth too. I have never heard of this band though… Talk about a long distance hook up. 🙂


    • I think they are one of those popular Indie bands that fly just a bit below the “commercial” radar. I have had fun learning about a lot of new things through my interest in photobooth photos but never expected music to be one of them.


  2. How cool is that!?!? I have heard of the band but not sure I’ve ‘heard’ them. I’ll check them out.


  3. Mike said:

    The girl is cute enough. I like the last album cover. Quite clever, really.


      • Mike said:

        Gorgeous is a big word, and is hard for me to spell. Hence I reserve it for those deserving, without question. As to the umbrage, take all you’d like, but be a sport and share it with those in need.


        • .. and yet you managed to do it. But isn’t she just lovely?! (You made me laugh again Sir Michael)


          • Mike said:

            I just spelled it like you did, assuming it was correct. She might be lovely, I’d have to be closer to know. She is….cute.
            Taking umbrage would be a good name for a band.


  4. I’m going to see them in Dublin in two weeks 🙂 with Jack White. Great act!


    • OMG I am sooooo jealous! I adore Jack White. That is going to be a memorable night. Must ask my Dublin based bro-in-law if he is going. Bet all the tics are sold out by now.


      • I really can’t wait! I’ve been obsessed with Jack White for years. I don’t think the tickets are gone yet but I’m not entirely sure. It will be lovely 🙂


        • Isn’t he just so “obsessable”?!! I will tell Timo and hope he will go on my behalf!


          • He really is. My boyfriend completely accepts my obsession, he even bought the tickets ha! I will take pictures and post them 🙂


  5. Moni said:

    Awesome! I will have to have a listen. I’ve heard of them but not heard their music.


  6. Wow. This blog keeps getting better and better. I’m really enjoying learning about these collaborations between photo, art and editorial work.


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