Raymond Parker – September 1975 to February 1981

September 1975, September 1975, Undated, Undated

Our little boy is growing up! I am guessing Raymond would have been around 16 in the first two strips. He is rapidly putting on weight as we see him age. Too many hamburgers and hot chips, eh Ray?

Undated, Undated, Undated, 6 Movember 1977

I don’t think this moustache suits him at all!

Could he really be only 18 or 19 in this 1977 photo? I think he must be. If he was around 18 months or even two years old in the very first photo in December 1961, then we could be reasonably certain he was born in 1959. To me he looks old for his age.

10 March 1978, 20 March 1978, 8 March 1979, 23 March 1979

So the mo is a no-no on its own but I do like the beard. Not sure about the quiff but that has never been a favourite of mine in men’s hairstyling.

14 July 1978, 6 August 1979, 6 August 1979, February 1981

Ugh, that mo is back, but not for long, as he goes all rock ‘n’ roll with those sunnies and then he turns 1950s country squire in the last strip!

I’m almost finished showing you the pictures I have of Ray. There is one more post to come. I love this series for the changes in his face over time but I have barely touched on what he is wearing or his expressions, which have their own stories to tell. I will leave that to you this time.

As with all the photos I buy, I wonder why they have escaped their homes and ended up for sale online. Individual photos are not such a mystery, as they were often given to relatives or traded with friends. Later generations could easily be left looking at dozens of photos of people they have never met or even heard of. Why not sell them off? But when a large series, like this, ends up alone in the world, I feel there must be a tragedy in their past. In the happiest of circumstances Ray should certainly still be alive and his dad would also have a reasonable chance to still be living. But if his father was the custodian of these images and then passed away, why did Ray not value them? Had he a falling out with his father, so wasn’t there when he died, and wasn’t involved in the tidying up of his estate? Did Ray die at a very young age, so when his father passed, there was no one close enough left to want the collection? So many questions!

I suppose there might be a tiny chance that someone who knew Ray Parker and his dad might stumble across these photos and be able to fill in the blanks. Lets hope so.

  1. Brett said:

    Oh! I just saw the other posts about Raymond that you wrote, so I guess this started as a family project.

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  2. The beard was a good look for him. He was a serious chap, wasn’t he? Maybe restrained is a better word. The snaps with his dad are really nice.

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  3. Yeah, I still like this guy. He grows up as a solid looking man. Wonderful collection. I shall spend some time going through them. The hairstyle and quiff were very 1960s and the beard very 1970s. he obviously kept with the zeitgeist.

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    • He certainly wasn’t averse to trying new styles. Although he isn’t smiling in most of the pics, there is amusement in his eyes in quite a few. I like him too, Tony!

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  4. Interesting how some of his facial expressions, especially the hooded-eyes look, persist throughout his life.

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    • So glad you are taking the time to look so closely at these, Tony. The thing I love about the photobooth’s head and shoulder format is that small things like that are easily comparable over time. There isn’t another type of vernacular photography that can capture such subtleties.

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  5. roberta m said:

    I like his tradition to keep getting his photo taken. He does have a lot of expressions. My favorite is when he tries to look like a tough guy. I think he’s beginning to look like his father…

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  6. oglach said:

    These are fascinating for the story that they don’t tell…maybe the pictures were got rid of by an ex after a divorce? Or accidentally sold, stored inside a piece of furniture that was sold at a rummage sale. Someone out there is going to recognize this guy.

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    • I like the way you are thinking Og. Accidentally sold is a great possibility. I hadn’t thought of a divorce as a means of them “leaving home”. I hope that wasn’t the case, though. It would’ve been a nasty, spiteful thing to do.

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        • Hmm, unfortunately, so have I. I hope that much of the bad stories you hear are not true, as terrible lies were spread about me in the same situation.😭

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          • oglach said:

            People will say anything about one another during times like that, so I make it a habit to nod my head sympathetically whilst pretending to listen. 😉

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  7. What a wonderful series! I’m really enjoying the way you explore your interest in the photos through your writing. I wonder why Ray decided on the Johnny Cash hairstyle (we call it a pompadour, lol) in the late ‘70s, when it was out of fashion. Maybe he had a become a man who resisted fashion trends by then? I look forward to the next post about Ray. And I want to find out what happened to him.

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    • My health is an ongoing nightmare. I’ve a genetic condition. 😫. Thanks for the kind wishes, though.

      Yes, WP app is behaving. I deleted it and reinstalled and it seems to be fine now. Yay! 😃

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      • I read your about page and was sorry to hear that you are having such serious problems with your Ehlers Danlos. When my daughter got to be a teen her doctors thought she had that syndrome but it turned out to be a false alarm. I hope you feel well again soon.

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        • Wow, that is a coincidence! How is she now? I’m so glad for her that it wasn’t EDS! Thanks for reading my tale of woe. 😊


  8. Holey Moley!!! This guy is as photobooth crazy as you… I did not think that possible.

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      • Thanks for the link. I’d already seen it. A fascinating story. But then all of those “tiny” photos tell so many stories.
        Thinking aloud, it just seems to me that there will soon be a recognition app that will say: this was Millee Smith, daughter of so-and-so, she was a social worker from … to ….
        My “Photos” app on the Mac already recognizes my two daughters from photographs when they were 3 and 5, and sort them together with current pix.
        Be good kate.

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