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In this third instalment of Lori and Me, we have blondie Donna in the photobooth with two unidentified people, one of whom could be her mother, or the mother of the other young woman. Donna is looking more mature in this set, as is her friend who was pictured with Donna in the previous post in this series.

I think it is a great group of fun photos. Shame about the older woman who seems to think she is one of the teenage girls. For some reason she REALLY irritates me. I normally refrain from saying anything negative about the people in my photos, mostly because I don’t have anything bad to say about them, but in this case, urgh!

All the photos were taken on the same day somewhere in the USA. Unfortunately, none of them are dated.

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In this second instalment of Donna’s photobooth story we see her above, with two unidentified friends in a strip that was over-exposed due to the over-close proximity of the two faces at the front, to the flash.

While the quality of the strip isn’t great, it is part of Donna’s story and charming for the joy these girls exhibit in each other’s company. I love the typical 1970s haircuts on all three of them. Having been a child of the 70s and endured this type of “do” myself, I hope this fashion will never, ever be repeated!

All the photos were taken somewhere in the USA but none of them are dated, however I believe that they are chronologically after the photos in Part 1. The girl at the back of this threesome appears in a long series of booth pics to come soon, but unfortunately is not identified in any of the them.

The photos below, came from the same album in which Donna had mounted photos of herself and her friends. I would assume that at least one of these boys is a younger brother to her. I do love the Sharpie haircut on the boy at the back but then again could it be a girl? Sometimes I feel so clueless on gender identification!

Donna is photographed with many boyfriends and girlfriends over 4 years from 1969 to 1973 in a large series of photobooth photos which I will continue to share with you in the coming weeks.



On the back – “…over cute in all these pictures”


1969 Donna


On the back -” I love you. Do you love me? No or yes?”

This bubbly young woman is probably named Donna although that piece of information has been deduced from a single dedication on a photo, presumably given to the owner of the album from which all these and many other photobooth photos came. She is identified only as “me” in the rest of the pictures. Given the vagaries of this process of deduction, it may not be the name of the girl who most frequently appeared in the album, but I think it is likely, and thus she will be Donna to us.

Donna is photographed with many boyfriends and girlfriends, over a period of 4 years from 1969 to 1973, in a large series of photobooth photos which I will share with you in coming weeks.

For me, finding a series of photos of the same person over a period of years, is one of the highlights of collecting photobooth photos. It is particularly fascinating to see someone, in the formative years of their life, grow-up before our very eyes.

As with another long series that I posted last year, Becky and Friends, I will be adding highlights of this series to my Photobooth Time Machines category. In the category files, each post is shown in reverse order of date of publication, so to see the photos chronologically, you need to start at the bottom of the page and work upwards.

In this first instalment we have blondie Donna in the photobooth with friends Carlos and Bessie. All the photos were taken on the same day in 1969, somewhere in the USA.


On the back – “Me, Carlos, Bessie. 1969”


On the back – “1969 Me and Carlos (HA HA)”


On the back – “1969 (Yes!)”


Carlos and Donna


Bessie and Carlos



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