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This is the second set of photos of images of the same young, attractive woman, who I have named Ms Toledo. She has been named thus, due to a stamp on the back of two snapshots that came with the photobooth photos. Each is stamped with the name of the processor, The Gross Photo Supply Co. in Toledo, USA.

Ms Toledo has a fabulous flare for fashionable hair dos and hats, more of which will be seen in subsequent posts.

Ms Toledo bears a striking resemblance to an Australian actor and comedian, Marg Downey, (see photos below.) Marg obviously stowed away on Dr Who’s tardis in order to get these booth gems.

Most of the photos, including these ones, are approximately 38 x 44 mm in size.

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This is the first of a series of posts I will be doing, of images of the same young, attractive woman. What do we know about her? She was a Christian, indicated not only by the ecclesiastical choice of back-drop but by the cruxifix she is wearing. I know that she came from or visited Ohio, USA in the 1940s, as gleaned from the back of two snapshots (below) that came with a collection of photobooth images of her. They are stamped with the name of the processor,  The Gross Photo Supply Co. in Toledo. I also know that she was fond of photobooth photos.

The two photos above measure 80 x 105 mm and 38 x 44 mm respectively. The larger is a common sized enlargement of a booth photo. Booths, in this era, were commonly located in photographic premises which offered a multitude of services, including enlarging, hand colouring and framing.

Look out for more posts of Ms Toledo in the coming few days. I hope . . .


Stylishly well dressed.



Looking fetching in a proto-bikini!


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