My Friends in Photobooths

I recently wrote a post about a party for my friend Marie-Louise, that I was excited to be going to. One of my readers recognised her as an actor, so I have decided to show you this more recent, professional photo. It comes from her profile at the agency that represents her.

Her full name is Marie-Louise Walker and her IMDb page is here.

Still stunning Mar-Lou!


This is the original photobooth photo of my fabulously gorgeous friend, that I posted on 7 December.  It was taken in a Melbourne photobooth in 1996.


This is my friend Bronwyn in 2 wonderful black and white photobooth photos. I met Bron in the late 1980s or early 90s, through my sister Sue. This photo dates from around the same era. Her dark and luxurious locks were died blond as was the fashion at the time. Those locks have been through numerous spectacular incarnations over the past 20 years. Read More

This little gem is of my university friend Karin (left) with an unnamed friend of hers. Not sure when it was taken but it looks to be late 1970s to me. I was so thrilled to receive it in my in-box just now, I didn’t ask any questions as I was too impatient to wait for a reply!

Karin was a staunch friend to me at uni, often driving me home and helping me out in many other ways. She did fabulous delicate little pieces of ceramic art for her final folio. I still have pictures of her pieces, somewhere. After we graduated we lost touch. I went to live in England and she went to live in Bali. The wonders of the internet have reunited us. (Cheers facebook.)

Karin has encourage me a lot in using my photobooth pics by giving me great feedback comments and sharing her inspiring thoughts. So thanks, Kaz. You are a star!

I met Daphne in my time as a student at the Université de Savoie. Like me she was there to learn French. As an historian of seventeenth century French history, Daphne had a firm purpose in needing to understand the language better and was a dedicated student.

I believe we became firm friends the first day we met.  She is a feisty and passionate woman who knows how to spin a great yarn, and that she frequently did on our regular walks together, through the countryside that surrounds the medieval, alpine town of Annecy.

One walk, coming out of a wooded copse into open farmland, something about an empty old Victorian bathtub, that had been left in a field for watering the cows, prompted a funny story from Daphne.  The tale resulted in me taking off most of my clothes, leaping into the tub and posing for pictures as though I was having a bath. It having been the middle of an icy, northern hemisphere, mountain winter, my nude bath scene cost me no small measure of discomfort and goosebumps. Daphne assures me she has the photos somewhere but to this day I have never seen them.  I am wondering if I still want to.

We have shared other adventures together such as a visit to Paris where we met up with Georges to visit the Musée Rodin, a touristy day out in Toronto with a lunch at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club and fine dining in Montreal that resulted in food poisoning for her mum and I.

This fun and varied photo strip of Daphne was taken somewhere in France in March 1994 as a (very special) present for me.

Georges, Paris 1994

I had met Georges at Del Holbrook’s home on numerous occasions before being invited to visit him at his home at Argenteuille, near Paris. Del had boarded with Georges and his family when she was studying French in Paris as a university student. From memory Georges had taught himself English and though he struggled slightly in speaking, his comprehension of written and spoken language was extremely good. Whilst there, George introduced me to some of his extended family with many compliments at how great my French was after only 4 months of study.  I then proceeded to stumble and blunder my way through a conversation that massacred their fine mother tongue.

George found this recent booth photo to give me after I had presented him with one of mine which I had taken on my way to his place.

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