Photobooth Stories

It is always fun to see how other people use photobooths to record special events or to just have some fun. As a result of the threatened closure of the Flinders Street photobooth, I’ve found out a lot more about how Melbournians have used this booth and how important it has been in their lives.

A particularly fun set of images came to my attention recently. Lanie and her husband have been collecting booth images for sometime. She continues the story –

Every year on 4 January, or close to, we get a photo at the Flinders Street booth. It’s our anniversary. The collection of black and white photos marks so many milestones. Footloose young sweethearts, my bulging belly pregnant with our first child, then babies and children emerge in the photos, as the years progress. There have been 9 photos so far… I hope dozens more to come!

You can see some details from the above strips, below. The second one down is of Lanie’s husband, kissing her belly when she was 6 months pregnant with their first child. Speaking of which, I have another pregnant belly photo to show you very soon.


Last week I published two strips of photos from Ted Strutz in the USA. It was accompanied by a witty history of their creation. The success of that post lead to an idea – would he be willing to write a short story about one of the strips from my collection?

Below Ted has used his creative writing talents to illuminate the booth images, below, using two of his favourite characters Ethel and Cheryl.  They do so look like an Ethel and a Cheryl don’t they? Please enjoy his story…



“Cheryl!!!” (said in a whisper)

“What???” (a whisper back)

“What am I supposed to do?” (still whispering)

“What the hell are you talking about, Ethel?  Why are we whispering?” (a little louder)

“I’ve never done anything like this before.  (still whispering)

“Stop whispering, dammit. It’s a photo booth for God’s sake!!! What did you think we were doing?” (increasing louder)

“I know it’s a photo booth, Cheryl! I’ve just never done it before. Where do I look?” (normal tone)

“Here, where it says ‘Put Eyes At This Line’!!!” (very loud)

“Now what do I do?”  (normal voice)


a light flashes…

 Please click HERE to see the original post on Ted’s blog where you will find many other stories and more of the adventures of Cheryl and Ethel.

If anyone else would like to write a small piece using some of my photobooth photos (chosen by me, emailed to you) as a prompt, please get in touch!

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