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Things to do for Xmas –

  • Decorate the booth – Check
  • Get out the tree – Check
  • Find the tinsel – Check
  • Where is the star topper? Oh right . . . – Check
  • Fluff up the tree – Check
  • Find the ribbon and Christmas paper – Check
  • Wrap the presents – Check

Now all the preparations are finished, I’d like to thank you all for your continued support despite the weeks when I haven’t posted and through the weeks I haven’t even been well enough to visit your blogs. Ehlers Danlos Syndrome is hard to manage but it is that much easier knowing I have so many friends in the blogging community.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a fruitful and fun 2017.



Earlier this year at everybody’s favourite online garage-sale, I bid on the above Christmas themed photobooth photo. It wasn’t outrageously expensive, and my bid was a low one, so I assumed that I would not be successful. But, I was. Yay!

Over the years, I have bid on many Father Xmas booth photos without success, so I was ecstatic about my prize. When it arrived in the post, I put it away extremely carefully. Then, of course I couldn’t find it. Bah humbug!

I looked and looked and finally gave up. Then lo and behold, there it was sitting right in front of me! It was nestled in the corner of the frame of a larger photograph. I’m sure Santa was winking at me to get my attention. Having found him and his minuscule charge, it is indeed a Merry Christmas for me!

This photo is from the USA and probably dates to around the 1950s. To me he looks more like a European style Saint Nicholas, thinner and less hirsute than a big, round, bushy American Santa. The image was sold as a “Creepy Santa”**, but I do not find him so. I think he has kind eyes. His charge does have a bit of a “what the hell?” look on his face, but I think that is more to do with his mummy being out of sight, than fear of the big red fellow beside him.

* This is part two of three Xmas posts for this year.

** Like “Creepy Clowns” that is a thing, apparently.


With tousled curls, topped with an almost completely obscured ribbon, this simple, yet elegant young woman has made a superb self-portrait. Whether deliberate or accidental, there is something of a Hollywood professional portrait to this photo.

Her gently pursed lips are sensual and painted in a soft cupid bow. Her head is tilted gently backwards and her eyes are directed toward the camera lense. She is aware of the viewer but disregards us. It is as though she is looking past the camera, past the technology that will process her photo, through the back of the booth and beyond. She is looking past us to a beautiful, far off horizon of youthful hopes and dreams. I hope those dreams were fulfilled. I hope she was loved and cherished, more than this wee souvenir that somehow escaped its rightful home.

From the USA, the photo is undated, however her hairstyle, the padded shoulders of her jacket and dark matt lipstick suggest this was probably taken in the era of the Second World War or shortly afterwards.

This photobooth image was a gift from my friend Ted. Many thanks to him! Ted is also a blogger who loves photos, photography and photobooths. Through those mutual interests we have become firm friends. He regularly surprises me with cards and photos, some of which I have already shared here. Other images from him, and of him, I will share with you next year.


Opening my present.

I got a lovely gift at the office Xmas party* this year – an Oroton handbag**, no less! Jolly japes and mischief were the order of the day. Copious amounts of hooch were consumed and a fun time was had by all.


A bit worse for wear.***

*I don’t work, so this is a bald-faced lie.

** Actually something my Grandmother once owned.

*** Not drunk. Just clumsy.

**** This is part one of a three part Christmas themed series. Hopefully. . .


Smile child, smile!

With a noise maker in hand, lovely ruffled collar and sweet clown costume, one wonders why this child looks so miserable? Probably without even knowing it, he is wearing the costume and face of Pierrot, the sad clown. He is pining for the love of Columbine. Perhaps he knows she will break his heart and leave him for the more light-hearted Harlequin?

I am guessing that the long object protruding from the back of his hat is a long stemmed feather, but you may have some other theories?

This is another in a series photobooth photos of children with toys and animals, which come from between the two World Wars. As in the previous posts, this picture is from Germany.

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