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In my never ending pursuit of fabulous photobooth photos, I come across many other types of vintage photos that take my fancy. Some time ago, while browsing online, I spotted a lot of photographs of a vaudeville actor and his partner that really fired my imagination. After having purchased one group of pictures, another lot was listed, which I also bought. The seller had apparently purchased over 400 Read More

August 1996, St Kilda, Melbourne

After a one month business course, finding a distributor, writing a 50 page business plan and
weeks and weeks of designing, I finally sent my first lot of 16 designs to a printer. So what did I do on the day my greeting cards arrived? I headed to a photobooth of course!

This is my friend Bronwyn in 2 wonderful black and white photobooth photos. I met Bron in the late 1980s or early 90s, through my sister Sue. This photo dates from around the same era. Her dark and luxurious locks were died blond as was the fashion at the time. Those locks have been through numerous spectacular incarnations over the past 20 years. Read More

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