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When I first saw this strip I thought it must’ve been a mock-up for a film or advertisement. Surely these two gals couldn’t be for real? Mustn’t this strip of images be a confection made by a jaded advertising man or a prop from a bad taste buddy movie? Once I had the strip in my hand I could see it was genuine. I also found other photobooth photos online from the same venue.

These women fulfill all the bad girl stereotypes – too much makeup, too many tattoos, too many rings, too little clothing, smoking, boozing, bleaching, artificially augmented lips – oh my god I adore them! The pièce de résistance is the cast on the brunette’s arm. Happily her wrist is not too sore to allow her to chug on a bottle of beer. If it had been, we wouldn’t have seen it, as in the strip below. A flash of tattooed thigh isn’t something you generally see in a photobooth either. Another big tick, thanks ladies!

Please scroll down for more. Sadly I don’t own the other strip of the same girls.

The strips were taken at the Cha Cha Lounge in Los Angeles. Below are two of the (less impressive strips) I found on social media.

Friday is a happy day for most, it being the last day of the working week and all, so I thought I’d share a bit of joy for you to take with you on your weekend. Here we have Maniac Girl with a Large Earring. I can imagine she was taking some photos for use with an identity card or passport and decided to make the last one a mad souvenir.

I found this unusual square format photobooth photo somewhere in the UK in 1992. Unfortunately I didn’t make any note of the location of the find. On the back it is signed and dated in magenta ink and reads 12/6/92 (12 June 1992). The name could be Mon B but that is a wild guess. What a shame that it was lost! What fun that I found it!

Last year Tony Lamont, of the fascinating blog XrayPics, very kindly sent me three wonderful photobooth strips, all of which were taken at a Reading Cinemas digital photobooth. As well as being a consultant radiologist, Tony has two unusual hobbies. He creates artworks using anonymous x-rays as his source material and he performs Punch and Judy shows at festivals around Australia. For his performances he made all of the ten puppets including the clothing and the puppet booth. Tony tells us more about his work –

My latest puppet is more of a small doll, an image of Donald Trump who appears in the show and gets thrown off the stage into the toilet by the runcible Mr Punch. The audience claps every time. Meanwhile I am building a set of six puppets, for the “three little pigs”, I want to do the show in Italian for schools; I Tre Porcellini. I also have concept plans for a couple of tiny dancers which can be used for close-up pavement entertainment. These last are doing my head in! But my love will always be with Mr Punch and his lovely wife Judy. 

One day I will bring Punch and Judy down to Melbourne, and you will have to come to see us.

I hope when Tony is in Melbourne I will be able to tempt him and his puppet friends into my favourite 1970s dip and dunk photobooth at Flinders Street Station.

You can see that Tony is highly skilled with his puppetry just by the expressiveness of these photos. I do find it fun that Tony’s performances are in the confined space of a booth, as are mine.  That is if you think of what I’ve been doing in my photobooth photos as performances!

I love these quirky and funny strips. I feel very privileged to have them in my collection. Please scroll down to see more photobooth photos and some of Tony with his booth theatre.

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day!

I made this strip earlier in the year when I needed to go to the city for the start of a root canal. Ouch! I have never minded the dentist but the long trip from my home to the dental hospital plays havoc with the symptoms of my illness. It is the ramifications of the journey that I dread. Having said that, I make sure to drive in early and park close to the Flinders Street photobooth. That means I haven’t far to walk with my box of props, to take a few strips before heading off to the appointment.

I didn’t much like the results of my Valentine themed pics this year, so chose just one of the nine photos I took, to feature in this post. I thought I might as well show you the full strip it came from, as it was already scanned. What do you think?

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