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June 23, 1937

Following on from David Simkin’s guest post of last week, above is the first of a very rare series of eight Photoweigh photobooth photos that I own. I have never seen another long sequence of the same person in this type of machine. I have arranged them in correct chronological order, if they are dated but have guessed the order for the rest of them. They were all taken in the UK.


June 26, 1937


25 (Month obscured), 1938


Details faded.


On back – June 1939

On the back of this photo is written Douglas, June 1939. I have presumed that to be a place rather than a person’s name, based on the inscription on another photo, below. There is a town called Douglas in South Lanarkshire in Scotland and the capital of the Isle of Man is also a town called Douglas. The photo could have been taken in either one of these towns, however, the Isle of Man is the more obvious holiday destination. On consulting David Simkin, he confirmed Douglas on the Isle of Man to have been a popular holiday destination at the time these photos were taken, and therefore the most likely location of the Photoweigh booth.


21st of … Other details have faded.

On the back of this photo is written ‘S.Quinn”, which I believe to be the name of the lady pictured in the series.  As the only clearly dated photos were all taken in June of the various years, I like to think that these were a souvenir of her annual holiday, taken at the same time of the year, in the same town and in the same booth over many years.

Each photo measures approximately 40 x 83 mm and they are all printed on a heavier weight stock than is usual for other types of booth photos, but seems to be standard for Photoweigh photos.

For more fascinating information about Automatic Photos and their history please visit  Sussex PhotoHistory and see David Simkin’s guest post on this blog, here.


Details of date have faded or it was never dated.


photoboothMrSyDetail#04 photoboothMrSyDetail#03  photoboothMrSyDetail#01photoboothMrSyDetail#02

I do love a photobooth related novelty and these are some of my favourites. I believe these faux American bills were given free to patrons of Mr Sy’s Casino of Fun in Las Vegas in the 1970s. Is it just a certain prejudice of mine, or are these people just so typical of the types one sees frequenting casinos to this day?

Mr Sy’s no longer exists but you can see what a very fine establishment it was from the postcard image at the bottom of the page! I wonder how much you had to spend on the pokies to get your “free” meal.


photoboothCasino of Mr Sy

Backs of the notes showing the correct address on one and a typographical error for the address on the other.




Early December 1999, Wellington, New Zealand

The only photobooth I was able to find on this trip to visit my travelling buddy Moana in Wellington, was a sticker booth in a game arcade.

I stopped in New Zealand on my way to visit friends in London before going to Dublin to spend Christmas with my sister and her Irish relatives. She and her husband Tim had decided not to make their home in Australia and had returned to live in Ireland where they had first met. They live there to this day.

Moana was working most of my visit and I only managed to get her husband Mark, into the booth. While not my preferred type of photobooth, in the event of nothing better, it is a least a cute souvenir of a trip. To see some previous posts and booth photos of Moana and I together, click here, here and here.

This strip of photos is from my series Photobooth 41 Year Project. You can see all the posts that document the series by clicking here.

Found, Luna Park 08/09/1996

Another found photo from the 90’s. I find these pics extremely amusing. There is something of Frankenstein’s monster in the lobotomised head I have had to “stitch” back on and in the stunned-mullet, slow-brained look on the face of this sitter.  One must say that he and his friend were not the brightest of individuals, having missed most of the flashes before sitting down to pose.

I never found the final photo that looks like it may have actually worked, but that was okay, for I had plenty of fun with the other remnants.

My Fotobooth Frankenstein


18 October 1999, Melbourne

These are the next in my long series of photobooth photos which I started taking and collecting 41 years ago. I have not recorded any details of the location of the booth where the pics were taken, nor the reason for them being taken. I am sure there was a specific reason, as I never cut my photobooth strips unless some are needed for a special purpose. I was soon to be heading off to New Zealand, England and Ireland, so this was possibly a travel related photo.

These come from my series Photobooth 41 Year Project. You can see all the posts that document the series by clicking here.



While probably not the most exciting of booth photos, I did enjoy the smirk on this woman’s face and her obvious pride in her hat, which appears to be covered in real roses. There is nothing about her coat or the rest of her clothes that suggest a woman of great style or substance but still she took pride in her appearance and quite possibly in her luxuriant rose garden.

This photobooth photo measures 40 x 50 mm and comes from the USA. I would guess this photo was taken in the mid 1950s.

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