Found Photobooth Photos


Leicester Railway Station, 16 June 2002

I found this strip of photos on my way to work when I lived in Leicstershire in the East Midlands in the UK. A friend who was looking through my collection recently, commented that he appears to be very professionally posed before the camera. He does have the knack of presenting himself in a dramatic and interesting way. Could he be a local actor, used to striking a pose without a mirror?

Having turned out of well, I imagine that the photos took too long to process and that the sitter was forced to leave the strip due to the imminent arrival of his train.

This is a standard sized strip of colour photobooth photos which measures 41 x 97 mm.

Found, Luna Park 08/09/1996

Another found photo from the 90’s. I find these pics extremely amusing. There is something of Frankenstein’s monster in the lobotomised head I have had to “stitch” back on and in the stunned-mullet, slow-brained look on the face of this sitter.  One must say that he and his friend were not the brightest of individuals, having missed most of the flashes before sitting down to pose.

I never found the final photo that looks like it may have actually worked, but that was okay, for I had plenty of fun with the other remnants.

My Fotobooth Frankenstein


This photo was found by my cousin Krissie at a Homebase store in New Southgate, London. She picked it up at 6.30 pm on 21 January 2004, exactly 9 years ago today.

Over the years Krissie has given me many booth photos that she has found including a set that she found floating in a river. Thanks Cuz!

This is a wonderful series of photos of a pair of older lovers eating the yummy carnival confection, known in Australia as fairy floss. To me this is a treasure that shows spontaneity, joy, fun, sharing, love. Isn’t it lovely the way the woman’s partner is looking at her in the fourth picture?

I don’t mind that she closed her eyes in the third pic, but maybe she didn’t like it. Whatever the reason, as with so many of my other jewels, it was binned. I can’t help thinking that it must have been thrown away especially for me to find to love and treasure. Thanks guys!

This strip of photobooth photos was found in a bin at Melbourne’s Luna Park amusement palace, on the 25th of November 2000.

Here are two chirpy Aussie chap-ettes, having fun on a day out in Melbourne. Looking distinctly middle-class and dare I say it, very private-school, no worries seem to have ever clouded their young faces. I wonder how life is treating them thirteen years later?

Despite the photo being torn and crumpled, I can’t help feeling this photo was lost rather than deliberately tossed. There is nothing really wrong with it, that I can see. Still there loss is our gain.

I found this at Melbourne Central underground railway station on the 9th of October 1999.

I found the above strip of photos at Brixton Tube, London in 1992. I could see why it was thrown away and my heart broke for the poor, seemingly cross-eyed, bugger.

Being totally obsessed with all things photobooth, I often trawl through images that other people have posted online. Tumblr is a great place for a bit of a browse.  Looking at Is this you? a brilliant page on that site, I found the photos, below. I’d swear it was the same guy. Sure he is older, balder, and his eyes haven’t crossed. I think most of the rest of him matches. Anyone else see a resemblance?

Is this you? often asks that very question of the viewer but there is no way to contact the publisher to ask him where he found his pics. If any of them were me, how could I let him know?! He seems to be based in the UK, which is a good start, but that is all I can discover.

I have no idea where this set of pictures was discovered, what the date was, or even the country in which it was found . I’ve no idea if I myself retrieved it from oblivion, or if a friend found it for me. I can only imagine that these two cuties were extremely disappointed when they found they no longer had it.

Found, Luna Park, 08/09/1996

Today is the first time since 1996 that I have attempted to reconstruct this strip. Initially, I didn’t recognise these fragments as belonging together. I am surprised at how differently the pieces have aged. A possible reason for the vastly different tones, could be that some were discoloured by other items that were in the bin where they were found. I cringe at the thought.

So what happened here? This young couple entered the booth and snuggled up, looking at the camera, smiling as each flash went off. They waited excitedly for the photos to drop into the shoot. While still wet, they looked at them together and he agreed that there was at least one wonderful shot of her, but none of him that he could admire. She liked them all despite the off kilter framing. They couldn’t agree to disagree. Within five minutes he’d torn up the strip and binned it.

Our young lady returned later to retrieve the cast off images that she’d liked, for the most part not bothering to collect the images of him. She was still in a huff about the destruction of an, albeit flawed, memento.

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