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When previewing this post on my predominantly monochrome blog, the lurid orange of these gems came as a bit of a visual shock to the system. However, the colour is true to the originals which are in perfect condition.

Presumably a husband and wife (both photos came from the same estate), these are lenticular photos. My one other example of this rare type of photobooth item can be seen in this earlier post.

These 1940 World’s Fair Movie-Of-U souvenirs are made up of three exposures taken in succession on the same frame. The frame is placed under a lined sheet of acetate and when tilted appears to show movement.  In the flat position needed to make a scan of these images, it is not possible to capture the images separately.

When in action, the movement is fluid and really looks like a mini-movie.  In some ways they could be seen as a primitive version of the Graphics Interchange Format (GIFs) I used in earlier posts this month.

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