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I found the above strip of photos at Brixton Tube, London in 1992. I could see why it was thrown away and my heart broke for the poor, seemingly cross-eyed, bugger.

Being totally obsessed with all things photobooth, I often trawl through images that other people have posted online. Tumblr is a great place for a bit of a browse.  Looking at Is this you? a brilliant page on that site, I found the photos, below. I’d swear it was the same guy. Sure he is older, balder, and his eyes haven’t crossed. I think most of the rest of him matches. Anyone else see a resemblance?

Is this you? often asks that very question of the viewer but there is no way to contact the publisher to ask him where he found his pics. If any of them were me, how could I let him know?! He seems to be based in the UK, which is a good start, but that is all I can discover.

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