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On my way to any doctor’s appointment, most of which are more than an hour’s drive from my home, I stop to rest and get a photobooth photo. Why not?  I need to rest for a while, even on these relatively short drives, due to having the neurological condition ME/CFS. The condition greatly limits what I am able to do in any one day and keeps me house bound most of the time. A half day out generally results in two or three days in bed to recover.

SO, why not analyse this photo in the context of my life at the moment, eh? Or let’s not. I found the “bars” on a walk with my pooch on a recently demolished house site. I saw some cool photobooth photos of people with faux bars and prison props that I thought I’d emulate. Stripes are a favourite of mine. Combine these factors and the result is this group of four images, simple as that.

But then again…

My favourite pic. I look like a cartoon character, somehow.

PS Although the image quality in digital prints is inferior to those from chemical booths, I like the flattening of the images and stark contrasts, especially when blown up.

For my friend Rick’s birthday, I used this same booth photo to create a personalised greeting card to send him my best wishes.  I learned quite a bit during that exercise, so decided to once again have a bit of digital manipulation fun using only Preview and the limited tools it offers.

Wishing everyone a very happy holiday season. See you again in the new year.


October 2011

October 2011

There are now many different types of photobooth offering a huge array of options for your pics.  My brother and sister-in-law, niece and nephew brought this one back for me from their first trip to Europe. I love the way the whole family squeezed in. They were somewhere in France, I think. I am thrilled they thought of me while there and remembered my photobooth addiction. They also gave me a luxurious, pink, heart-shaped gift-tin of delicious Fauchon chocolates. How spoilt am I?

I love the sepia toning of the colours, possibly produced due to blocked lights from so many people squishing in. What a wonderful effect the repetition has on the image, though we couldn’t figure out why it would come without the removable sticker feature you normally get with this format.

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