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Found, Luna Park 08/09/1996

Another found photo from the 90’s. I find these pics extremely amusing. There is something of Frankenstein’s monster in the lobotomised head I have had to “stitch” back on and in the stunned-mullet, slow-brained look on the face of this sitter.  One must say that he and his friend were not the brightest of individuals, having missed most of the flashes before sitting down to pose.

I never found the final photo that looks like it may have actually worked, but that was okay, for I had plenty of fun with the other remnants.

My Fotobooth Frankenstein

I just couldn’t resist posting this.  I have never tried to manipulate a picture until this morning, when I succeeded in making my “Frankenstein” photobooth photo. It being my University sweet-heart’s birthday today, I thought I’d see what else I could do.  Not too bad for a first effort.

Happy birthday to my Ricky-Tee-Pee. Still my favourite man after all these years!  xxxx Kate.

PS Next year there will be wings.

The unedited digital photobooth pic.

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