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photoboothZiggy'sLetter02 Ziggy's letter with an elfed-up Katherine. There is many a challenge that bloggers have taken on over the years - a photo a day, a poem a day, a recipe cooked per day; all needing to be snapped, composed or cooked and then blogged about.  But there is no task quite so ambitious as that set by a young woman from the UK, who goes by the pen name, Ziggy Shortcrust. She has committed to composing a handwritten letter everyday throughout 2013. Not only will she be writing and sending the letters all over the world, she is illustrating each and every one of them. Early on, I joined the list of hopefuls who wanted to get into the spirit of reviving the lost art of snail mailing. Last week I received a letter with a wonderful photobooth elf of yours truly with a giraffe envelope to boot. If you would like to help Ziggy in completing her mammoth task, just click here. Her contact details can be found in a link at the bottom of each post. photoboothZiggyenvelopeEdited The decorated envelope.