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My Grandma Parkes was everything a grandmother should be. She was kind, a patient teacher (I learned numerous crafts from her), cuddly and a great cake baker. She was a professional musician all her life, working as piano accompanist to my grandfather Cecil, who played the violin. I was very fortunate to have been able to spend one night a week with both my grandparents for the whole of my final year at Loreto, Mandeville Hall. Ceramics was not offered there at that time, so I went each Wednesday night to classes at Hawksburn, a short walk from Grandma and Grandpa’s home. We invariably had chops and boiled veggies for dinner.  I loved it!

This photo of May Parkes (née Broderick) was taken in the late 1980s for a passport for a trip to New Zealand. I wish she had stepped into a photobooth more frequently as I’d love to have one or two booth pics of her as a young woman. She was a most attractive lady in her heyday.

Year 12 Exam Time

30 October 1980

October 1980, Melbourne

My last year of secondary school at Loreto Mandeville Hall, Toorak, a Catholic girls school. I was very happy there, extremely innocent and very excited about starting at university. Prior to the exams I had been accepted into a Ceramic Design Degree at Monash University, Caulfield.

I suspect this was also taken at Chadstone but cannot be sure. Note op-shop jummy. My other great obsession after photobooth photos, second-hand bargain shopping, also started young.

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