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And who would have thought that emminent British artist Tracey Emin would take after me?

… it’s striking that there are so many photos of Tracey alone in photo booths, when most people are always crowded out with friends.

‘I was trying to see what I looked like. It was almost like the mirror didn’t work and I had to have this other proof of who I was.

‘I don’t like looking in a mirror. I look because I have to make sure my hair is tidy and my spot isn’t too big and I haven’t got any junk in the corner of my eye, and to make sure everything’s tucked in and it looks all right, that’s it. I’m not interested in looking in the mirror to see my reflection, I don’t think I ever have been.’

Image and quote taken from this Mail Online article. This is a link to Tracey’s website.

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