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This is an old press photo from 1986, showing one of the many photobooths that used to exist in department stores across the USA. This one was in the J.J. Newberry Co’s store in Portland, Oregon.

I have an ambition to find a strip of these three girls, not necessarily to own, but to add to this blog and the story in this photo. Their names are Julie Hensel of Gresham, now 44 years old, and Tiffany Mohr, now 43 and Rachele Johnson, now 44. Both Tiffany and Rachele were from Portland.

Sadly the J.J. Newberry Company is now defunct. Assuming this was their only store in Portland, the one that housed this booth appears to have been the last of their chain to remain open. It closed in 2001.

I hope by adding the names of these girls in the text and the tags, that they, or someone they know will stumble upon this post. Maybe they still have the photobooth strips they took on this day and will be willing to share them here?

Thank you to everyone for all their comments and Easter wishes. I hope I can get some replies done very soon. In the meantime I am enjoying browsing your posts.

Please let me know if you have subscribed to this blog and I haven’t yet visited you. I would love to see what you are up to.

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