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Happy Saint Valentine’s Day!

I made this strip earlier in the year when I needed to go to the city for the start of a root canal. Ouch! I have never minded the dentist but the long trip from my home to the dental hospital plays havoc with the symptoms of my illness. It is the ramifications of the journey that I dread. Having said that, I make sure to drive in early and park close to the Flinders Street photobooth. That means I haven’t far to walk with my box of props, to take a few strips before heading off to the appointment.

I didn’t much like the results of my Valentine themed pics this year, so chose just one of the nine photos I took, to feature in this post. I thought I might as well show you the full strip it came from, as it was already scanned. What do you think?

photoboothValentine04 photoboothValentine03 photoboothValentine01

Happy St Valentine’s day!

These sweet photographic love-notes are undated but I’d say they were taken sometime in the 1940s, possibly during WW2. They have the look and sentiment of war-time keepsakes, probably sent from the USA to this lady’s lover overseas.

They are so cute and unusual, I cannot understand why any descendants of this woman didn’t want to treasure them forever.

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