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Responding to the same letter as Cherie in 1997, I received another set of photos from a photobooth enthusiast, Jessica Lea.

Contrary to my memory that it was New Idea that had published my request, Jessica mentions, Woman’s Day in the note that accompanied the photos. Unlike Cherie’s contribution, there was no return address included, so I am not sure I will have the same success at finding Ms/Mrs Lea after so many years. I have already started the detective work, with no luck so far.

I cannot agree with Jessica that she is unphotogenic, except, perhaps, with the exception of the first photo. However, it must be asked, who at that age has ever taken a great photo? I love the transformation of the gawky young girl into a confidant and kindly faced, mature woman. Her photos exude the spirit of enthusiasm that prompted her to send these keepsakes to a stranger.

I do hope I find Jessica, or that she finds me.  I am sure I would like her very much.

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