A Photobooth Card to My Sister

Found Photo Greeting Card

This greeting card was found in a box of things my sister Sue, left with our parents before moving permanently to Ireland. I dashed off this card for her, when she was first living in Dublin in the early 1990s, before she had met her husband Tim, before she had decided to make Ireland her home.

Written inside the card – “Dear Sube, I’ve had a special personality profile done for you at a local singles dating agency. Lucky, you! You can choose from any of the men on the cover to be your next snog, bonk or (who can tell) husband?  I bet you are as excited as I am.  You must get in touch with Bashful Boys Agency as soon as possible as these guys will be snapped up quickly!  Be sure to quote their code number – I’d say 009 looks like your type.  Failing this why don’t you just send me some photobooth photos of you and Andy together? xxxx love from Baff.”  “Baff” was/is one of Sue’s nicknames for me. Ah, the lengths I was beginning to go to to extricate photobooth photos from a loved one – didn’t work, unfortunately.

I have no idea where these booth photos came from originally but they were obviously not part of my treasured collection, as I would not have parted with any of those.  I have a vague idea they were cut from old ID cards as they are mostly laminated. I hasten to add that this particular effort does not represent the quality of cards I was making to sell!!

  1. Lisa said:

    I love that you made a card out of anonymous photo booth pictures. Wouldn’t it be wild if one of the people in the photos found the card on the ‘Net?


    • I would love one of the subjects to find themselves on my blog!!! I think that would be so cool. I have many found photos from Luna Park (an amusement park) in Melbourne. When I get around to writing about them on the blog, I have an idea that I will print and put up some of them as “Wanted” posters around the suburb where they were found. I will put my blog address on them and see if the owners or their friends log in to have a look. The only thing I am worried about is that they will object and want their photos back or taken off the blog!


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