Dogs Love Photobooths! – Errm, Maybe Not…

I have had my dingo-labrador cross, Snowy Moriarty, for 6 and a half years but have only recently taken him for his first photobooth shoot. When I was a puppy raiser for the Guide Dog Association, it was much easier to slip into a booth with a pup, as they were allowed into any store or shopping complex. Smuggling a 30 kilogram dog into a forbidden area takes some guts and determination!

One has to admit posing for a camera, in a confined space, with frequent whispered admonitions to “be quiet”, “sit still” and “cooperate!” is not a dog’s favourite pass-time.

Having bravely suffered the experience in two old chemical booths, Snowy said he would not do it again unless I could find a booth that was working properly. Everyone’s a critic!! On our way home we stopped at a digital machine. He was much happier with those results!

  1. m5son said:

    Love those pictures!!!
    Katherine, you are one of those lucky women who gets prettier with age.


  2. Hi Katharine
    You have the bestest way of making me smile! I love the picture 2nd one down on the left in the regular photobooth where the clever Moriarty has supplied you with a Sherlock-esqe moustache. He has obviously poked out his tongue so no-one would recognise him. You done it again Holmes!


    • Yup, he is my beauty nemesis. Fresh mascara licked off within minutes and moustaches. Gotta love my doggy!


  3. Jean Rafferty said:

    Love these pictures, Katherine, especially the non-digital ones. Have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year when it comes.
    All best,
    Jean XX


  4. How impressive that you got your dog into a photo booth! 😉 I don’t think mine would allow it (assuming I managed to get her into a mall)…perhaps if there was really good food there.
    Hope you are having a great holiday, Katherine, happy new year!


    • Happy New Yearto you, too. (He was NOT happy about his booth experiences but he put up with it for me.)


  5. ehpem said:

    I missed these before. What a dog! And, in the digital version, lower left, I can almost tell what you are saying to calm things down, though not quite.


    • He hated the digital booth more than the chemical ones. The space is a lot more cramped. He was just sick of being manhandled, too, I guess.


    • Thanks Stephen. A cat in a booth is a dream of mine, but I don’t know anyone in my local vicinity with a cat for borrowing. 😕


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