Cigar Anyone?

These business men, chomping on their cigars, showing off their success, seem to have disappeared as a type, at least from Australia. I remember (and loved) the smell of cigars smoked by guests, before and after my parents’ dinner parties in the 60s and 70s. I cannot think of the last time I saw anyone with a double maduro or smelt the aromatic waft of cigar smoke.

There is still something appealing to me about this particular vice.  Smoking a cigar  has a chunky, masculine, bravura that now represents a very different age; a time in which men were men and women were mainly pissed off, but hey, who doesn’t romanticise the memories of childhood?

This is another great photomatic that just got a bit too pricey for my budget. I normally buy them for US$10.00 or less. This one went for over $60.00. I envy the owner. Indeed, I do.

  1. m5son said:

    Those might be the Mulrooney brothers from the south side of Chicago, circa 1947. Jimmy Mulrooney on our left was a boxer with a glass jaw who was known to fix fights when his career was nearing it’s end. Tommy Mulrooney, on our right was a nickle and dime hustler who ended up swimming with the fishes when one of his games went bad. They say it broke poor Jimmy’s heart who was last seen selling hot dogs in New York, lonely and bitter.


  2. I have a picture of a dapper, middle-aged Edwardian/late Victorian gentleman hanging on my wall. He’s holding a lit cigar, sitting in a chair with his legs crossed, and looking very full of himself.

    However, his coat and trousers are all mussed and crumpled and it drives me to distraction wondering why he sat to have his picture made with wrinkled clothing. I can’t tell if he’s an eccentric millionaire or a hobo!


  3. What an interesting photo! There is something appealing to me, too, about the smell of cigar (and pipe) smoke. My father went through stages of smoking both when he was trying to stop smoking cigarettes (he believed they were not as harmful, though I’m not so sure about that!).


    • I think many people of the smoking variety still believe that. I suppose at the very least there are a lots less chemicals in pipe tobacco.


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