Last Post For A While

I am always thinking about my blog and excited about any new photos I may take or find. Unfortunately my health is extremely poor at the moment. I have been finding it hard to read other blogs lately, let alone post on mine, so it is time for a formal break until things improve. I hope I will be well enough to get back on task again very soon.

Meanwhile this recent pic, taken when on my way to visit yet another specialist, pretty well sums up how I am feeling about stopping the blog.  I am lucky, as I can still get a lot out of my limited energy, thus this series of pics doesn’t sum up how I feel about my life, which despite everything, is exciting and interesting in its own unique way.

The new “do” requires some explanation. After having taken three years to grow out the last one, I swore I would never get a dye-job again.

Last week, Mum decided I needed a haircut (as mums do) and, as I couldn’t be fagged making the appointment, she lined one up and sent me off. The situation of being in thrall to my mother’s opinion about my “coiff”, is as much a symptom of my infirmity as due to the fact that I HATE hairdressers. I swore black and blue that I would return with a light trim almost indistinguishable from the shag I was sporting. However as I have no defences against flattery, and NO sales resistance whatsoever, I was wooed into accepting the above style. Hmmm.

AFTER the dye was on, the owner, who had been the force behind the obsequious fawning that lead to my being held prisoner to the chemicals for three hours, came over and threw in the following statement for good measure, “That grey hair was doing you no favours. It was making you look so old”. In front of 6 pensioners, I loudly told him that if he had said that before the process had begun, I would have told him to fuck off. Ahhh, how he laughed! How strange of him to think I was joking…

On the day of the event, I posted on Facebook the Photocabine series you can see above. I did so, as much as anything, because my friend Marcelle told me to!  I was overwhelmed by all the comments from my, hitherto undeclared, legions of admirers. I was especially thrilled by the comment of my brother -in-law, Timo, who is now my favourite person in the multiverse. He thought I looked younger than when we first met 14 years ago. Yes, I am a true sucker for a compliment!

Hasta luego a todos. I will be back asap with more pics and ramblings.

PS The hair was only straightened temporarily. I am way too fond of my monstrous mop-head to farewell it for long.

  1. Lisa said:

    katherine, i’m going to miss your posts! i’m sorry you’re feeling under the weather. but your hair looks amazing and you look so pretty with your new ‘do. i hope you feel better soon.


  2. Sorry to hear you’re unwell. It’s a real drag, to be unable to do your work fully. I hope you get better soon and return with even more interesting posts. Your hair looks lovely, despite the fact that your mum organised it!
    All best,


  3. Hope you’re feeling better soon. Best of luck to you!


  4. I was missing your posts and wondered if something was wrong. Sorry to hear you’re feeling unwell, and obviously I hope things get better soon. I appreciate your letting us know. Your fans are thinking about you and wishing you recovery. Oh, and I’ll add my voice to the chorus of approval for your new hairdo. 🙂


  5. Dear Katharine, I have missed you lately and knew you must be suffering as I share that love of blogging. The pictures of you say it all. The new look is wonderful and I understand that too being a fellow mop-head. It’s funny how more in control we feel when our hair is too. I remember coming home from art school with bulldog clips as hair tools and I found that the mop was also handy for storing the odd brush on the throws of painting. I remember getting it straightened and reddish and had a parade of people stopping in my art shop just to check me out!
    Take good care of all that’s under that mop and I’m sure that first post following the break will be wonderful! Sue xo


  6. m5son said:

    I don’t like that you are feeling poorly Katherine. Don’t like it at all. What I do like however, is that hair cut and the sweet beaming face it compliments so nicely.
    Wishing you well, sending you energy, and thinking of you.


  7. ehpem said:

    Katherine, we will be missing your wonderful posts. But, you need to do what is best for your health. I hope you are feeling a lot better really soon.

    Love those pics – especially (from a photography perspective) the pissed off ones at the top. I would be feeling that way too.


  8. I hope that you start to feel better soon! I look forward to your triumphant return to the blogging world!


  9. Silver threads among the gold!!!

    I can’t believe what hairdressers are saying to their customers these days… I am lucky I can cut my own hair.

    Hope you start feeling better soon — a package will be arriving in the post very soon. This weekend I am going to an “old paper” show and will be keeping an eye out for more pix for you.



  10. Xsi said:

    You are so…… beautiful!!!!!!! I love the new look.
    I’m very sad you are so unwell though.
    And I absolutely would love to be in your film – YAY FAME AT LAST…….


  11. You look after yourself petal, we will all still be here when you feel like posting more.


  12. Just saw this today. The ‘do looks great, hope you feel better soon! I was wondering what happened to my most regular commenter… take care and rest up, in two shakes of a lamb’s tail you’ll be back to normal.


  13. ewa said:

    best greetings from Poland;) thank you, for this blog – is very interesting – I am admiring for the original hobby!


  14. Georges said:

    Katherine, I’m glad to see that you have gotten beyond your difficulties in March. Your postings bring great joy to us all and gives us something pleasurable to look forward to in our own lives. By the way, I think, without a doubt, the most charming picture I’ve seen on your blog is the one of you at the top of every page. May you feel every day the way you look in that shot.
    As a photographer who does photobooth shoots at parties, I draw inspiration from the images you post. It’s always amazing the power of putting on a funny hat has to give people permission to loosen up and take on an alternate personality. I’ve collected vintage clothing and accessories for my subjects and create images that atempt to recreate the period of the clothes they choose. Such a simple thing is a photobooth, and yet such joy it brings to those who enter it. Thank you for sharing your passion and pleasure.


    • Wow, thanks for the overwhelmingly positive comments, Georges. I am so thrilled! Yes, simple is the photobooth but the way people have used it over the years has defied that. It must have been a great surprise to the inventor Anatol Josepho, who died in 1980. I have had a look at your website (lovely, lovely images) and the projects you are working on privately also look interesting. I hope you have a lot of interest. My parents have been together 55 years. What a shame we don’t live closer! I have been to Belfast in Ireland, (my sister lives in Dublin) so intially thought that was where you were from. Was surprised to find you were in Maine. I believe it is a very beautiful part of the USA. I will keep posting and hopefully keep your ideas flowing. Kind regards.


  15. elmediat said:

    In all cases, a very expressive set of portraits. Looks like you are prepping for a role in a television series. The plucky heroine must face great travails, but will overcome them, to continue blogging and gathering photobooth clues & mysteries. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading this old post Joseph. I do have an actorish scowl on in one of the photos!


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