Woman Eating A …?

Following a post about a visitor spike resulting from there being the words “man eating a banana” on a photo or two at the excellent vintage photo blog Pics of Then, I have undertaken an experiment that was suggested by Christine at Naptime Writing to see what happens to visitor stats if  the tags “eating a sausage” or “eating a banana” are added to a post.

Not having yet had the opportunity to visit a photobooth with a banana or a sausage, I submit for the purposes of this experiment a picture entitled “Woman Eating A …”, as the confection in question is a product only available in Australia, despite originating at an American biscuit franchise. I wouldn’t want to confuse my international readership, of course. It is a sublime chocolate slice called a peanut butter dream bar from the American cookie chain Mrs Fields. Possibly not as enticing as the aforementioned phallic food-stuffs but sufficient for the purposes of this joke.

This series of pics are the first I have taken using the “black and white” option on my local digital photobooth. I initially took them to make my sister in Dublin jealous, as Mrs Fields doesn’t operate in Ireland and the dream bar is one of her all time favourite treats. I never dreamt of the use to which it would be put, when I took them.

I will report any changes in visitor numbers in the coming week or so.

  1. (Visiting from Pics of Then) I was going to ask what a Peanut Butter Dream Bar was–just the name makes me want one.


    • It is a chocolate biscuit (cookie) base with a thick layer of whipped, sweetened peanut butter on top, finished with a generous layer of dark chocolate. YUMMMMMMM!!Thanks for visiting!


  2. I love it! Thanks for the shout-out. You know, in terms of appearing in people’s search results, I’m thinking it seems to work best if the key words are in the blog’s title, rather than just the body of text, but we’ll see. Oh, and the photos of you eating the dream bar? They’re damn hot. 😉


    • We will see. I did toy with putting “banana” in the title but that would be false advertising!


  3. m5son said:

    Oh what we resort to for a few additional readers. If this works, might we get to see you with a ham sandwich? A Popsicle? This is pretty damn funny stuff.


    • Thanks Mike. I think that Nigella Lawson’s jam doughnut french toast will do nicely for the next installment!


  4. Amazing. I blogged about Prickasso, lets just say a man that doesn’t paint with a brush and my blog stats that day went through the roof not too mention the strange search criteria they got there with. Cheers Sue


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