Aügüste Werning – Mütter

These two pics are ones that never fail to bring a smile to my lips. Aügüste is obviously delighted to be getting her photo taken. Is she showing off her jaunty new hat or is it just the novelty of being in a booth that provoked her impish grin?  Unfortunately the images are undated but judging from the clothes I would say this was taken in the late 1920s or early 1930s, not long after the introduction of the photobooth to Europe.

Not being familiar with the German language I am only guessing that Aügüste Werning is the name of the person in this photograph.  It is easier to be more certain that word, Friedrichstraße, refers to the, still major, cultural area and shopping street in the centre of Berlin. Assuming of course that Mütter refers to the lady herself and that the note was written by one of her chidren, one wonders why the plural form is used instead of the singular, Mutter? Ah, the joys and confusion of using babelfish. Any German speakers out there who can enlighten me on whether I have got this right?


  1. Yep, “Mütter” is German for “mothers”. I don’t know why they would use the plural here, either, unless it’s a play on the fact that there are two pictures. You’re right, these are warm, charming images.


      • Actually, Mütter is also a surname, though I don’t see how that would clear things up for you. 🙂


    • Thanks Sue. Me too, re hats and I’ve no idea about German. Is that correct or a joke, “das hutten”?


      • Not sure, did High School German and loved it – I think hutte is house but it sounds like hat to me. I like to make up my own words, even in other languages!


  2. Auguste Werning … Mutter

    in the German so called Gothic handwriting ” ŭ ” means ” u ” (” ˇ ” indicates that the letter under the symbol is “u” and not “n”)

    so lovely pics, thank you!

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