Vintage Photobooth on YouTube

Grab from Vintage Photobooth by KeepOnTruckin100 on YouTube

I found this video posted on YouTube today. The photobooth images are fabulous. The music is by Badly Drawn Boy.  The author is KeepOnTruckin100. A lovely piece of work.

A grab from the video.

And another.

  1. ehpem said:

    How wonderful to have another post from you.
    This is a very interesting collection in the video with some really great shots. Some people are just natural posers, others are working hard and doing it well, and some are just not going to ever get it right in front of a camera and they are probably the most interesting of the lot. I thought one even looked a bit like you (big black hat), but maybe it was just the hair.


    • Hi Mr E. WIll have to go back and check which one looks like me. I found the video entrancing. It is time travel in real life.


  2. Glad you ‘re back! I hope that means your health is in an up phase. Fabulous pics. JXX


    • Thanks Ellis. Nice of you to pop by. Glad to see your worthy and amusing blog is going well.


  3. Mike said:

    The combination of those amazing photos and poignant music is haunting. I have missed you.


      • Mike said:

        I got your thank you, and you are certainly welcome. No message per se.


  4. What a beautiful and haunting video! Thanks for posting it.

    Hey, I found a book you might be interested in (if you haven’t already seen it). I haven’t actually seen a copy, just read the description online. It’s a photography book where pictures are taken by holding up a mirror in a photo booth and having the photo booth photograph the world outside itself. It might be more interesting as a concept than in reality, but still, it made me think of you.


    • Oh WOW Matt. Thank you. I trawl the internet to find books on photobooth photos (I have around 20) and I have not seen this one before. Having blown my budget on vintage ebay purchases I will have to save up for it. I have put it on my wishlist.


  5. gretafrancis2011 said:

    Love this!


  6. elmediat said:

    Well that was an emotional ride. Very powerful and subtle – then again I am in one of moods. 😀

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    • My reply is under this. Hit the wrong button, I guess. Will try to sort it out when at my computer. You are a star to delve back into my archives, Joseph. Thank you.


  7. I just watched it again and cried! I have no idea why, as it hasn’t had that effect on me before. I always go a bit soft a Christmas. It is my favourite time of year for nostalgia and weeping. 🙄😊

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