God Must Bless Her

What an extraordinary face and one hell of a “do”. This pic is from the USA and looks to me to date from the late 1960s.

Can’t make out what the writing on the back is about. I can read 2361 Lake but the rest of it I cannot read. Is it an address?

  1. Mike said:

    Ha! What a funny title! I suspect she kept a few snacks in that do.


    • I was guessing that as he didn’t endow her with much in the way of looks that her life must have been blessed in other ways. I don’t think it is snacks in her do. More like gerbils or another type of tiny rodent!


  2. 28mmf2 said:

    Unfortunte lady (I presume). As my Nan would say (often of me) ‘a face only a mother could love’. She also had a neat line – used mainly on the men of the family – ‘neither use nor ornament’ which summed some of us up quite well!


    • I like “asylum”, John. Kerry Anglums is a better guess than I could manage, though. Thanks for commenting!


  3. I bet it’s all grey and curly, a sweet old gran who tells the grandkids she was a stunner! And threw out the evidence e.g a photo booth photo.


    • Yes, I think you are right! (Now that I have googled Tally Brown) It is amazing to me that there could be two similar heads in this world, I must say!


  4. ehpem said:

    First word definitely begins with a G (I learned that style of G in school), looks like Genny or Genay to me. Could be Ginny. Anglins possibly second word. There is a Ginny Anglin on Pinterest, but apparently not this person.


  5. Glenn said:

    Looks like Genay, a commune in France.

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    • I agree with that, but what does it mean? I’ve tried googling lots of variations with and without “2361 Lake”, and can find nothing, sadly.


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