Beekman Place, New York

I bought this strip of photos from Ebay (of course!) but this one is sentimentally special because it was posted to me at my address in New York City, when I had an apartment there on Beekman Place. For two whole months I was a resident of that great city, with my own place, a gym membership, a favourite local diner and a cool local friend called Kelly.

These two are having a good laugh in what appears to be a relatively recent photobooth strip. I can only imagine how this ended up being sold online so soon after its creation. Was it one of those not-quite-perfect sets that ended up discarded on the ground, prey to someone like me, who loves a found photo?

  1. What a wonderful experience. I stayed a few weeks in Greenwich Village but long enough to love New York. I would love to try12 months to see it in every season. Cheers Sue


    • I hope we both get to experience 12 months there! I haven’t been there for either of the extremes of heat or cold but , strangely, would love to.


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