Something Of Kylie About Her

There is something about this photobooth diva that reminds me of one of national treasures, Ms Kylie Minogue. (See pictures, below.) Affectionately known in Australia, as Our Kylie, the dininutive singer has also, at various times in her career, been tagged with the honorifics Goddess of PopPrincess of PopDisco Queen, and the less than flattering Singing Budgie.

And like Kylie, isn’t this lady cute, cute, cute? This strip dates from the 1950s and originated in the U.S of A.
  1. ehpem said:

    I find it fascinating all the poses that people try on in the privacy of a booth. Expecting, probably, to cut just one or two out for public showing, and that the rest will never see the light of day. Some of these appear to be well practiced poses. Photobooths really are fascinating places, aren’t they?


    • I sure think they are Mr E. The idea about posing for private rather than public consumption seems to be newer than the booths themselves as they used to be controlled by an operator who dictated how to sit and where to look. Once they were gone, people were able to go mad. (Have I ever mentioned the male semi-nude strip I found at Euston Station in London?)


      • ehpem said:

        For some reason you have not mentioned that strip (good word for it from the sounds of it)


  2. Clearly Kylie has modelled herself on this lovely young lady. Well done for spotting it.


    • Yes, indeed. Isn’t it funny that there are fashions for such a tiny bit of facial hair. Guess they give us a lot of expression and the shape is part of that. Personally I loved the busy eyebrows of the late 80s.


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