“Doggone” Leland 1930

Another youth in a cool gangster style hat, with a remarkable sense of confidence and style. I adore his nickname and his tie. Maybe he really was an aspiring mobster? Anything was possible in the United States prohibition era. He reminds me of the actor who plays bootlegger and gangster Meyer Lansky in Boardwalk Empire. More in attitude than looks.

The date on the back of the photo is quite difficult to read but I think it says 4/30/30. For Aussies and Europeans that is the 30th of April 1930.

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  1. Mike said:

    Agreed, I love his style. You have been watching Boardwalk Empire? Love that series, last show of season in 3 1/2 hours, but who’s counting. I am part Chalky White, for sure. Because of Brooklyn.


  2. God it is brilliant, isn’t it?? I have a booth pic of one of Chalky’s (although I do think of him as Omar from The Wire more often than not) friends to post soon. You will be watching the last episode now. Don’t tell me anything. I have just finished watching season 2 on DVD and am waiting excitedly for season 3 to come out asap.


    • Mike said:

      My lips are sealed, but it gets better and better. Brilliant for sure. Loosely based on fact, you know.


      • Yes, but I only realised that when the Al Capone character arrived.It was a very exciting time in US history wasn’t it?


        • Mike said:

          The Nucky character is based on someone real in Atlantic City as well, although the real name was slightly different. Yeah, the idea of that time I find exciting and sexy. I am just enough of a miscreant, lacking just enough moral compass and character, to have fully embraced that genre if I had lived in that time.
          “I could have been a contender”, or at least a bad ass.


          • Me too!!!!!! I would have been one of those girls who hung out at the speakeasy jazz clubs and dance halls wearing gorgeous gowns and jewellery.


            • Mike said:

              I can see it, AND feel it. I would have tried to get next to you, if you know what I mean.


  3. Katherine. Just a quick note from this side of the world. I really appreciate all the “likes” i get
    from you and have finally started following your blogs. I so enjoy what you are doing. All best. Jon


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