This is an interview I did with Akshay Bhoan for his photography blog Constellation Cafe. Akshay is a photographer based in New Delhi & Bombay who works on independent lifestyle and documentary photography projects. I feel very privileged to have been chosen to be featured on his wonderful site. He also has a professional portfolio at which is well worth a long look.

Constellation Cafe

Collection comes as a natural progression to creation. This is just the case with my friend, artist and blogger, Katherine Griffiths. She has been not only creating a personal series of photo booth pictures for years now but also archives and curates vintage and discarded photo booth pictures from around the world.

What I find very interesting about collecting vernacular (photo booth) photography is that everyone in this space has absolutely no control over the camera or the light. Yet the pictures we see are astoundingly unique, like fingerprints on paper. In a way these pictures collected by Katherine are the epitome of self portraiture, isolated from the world, the chaos cleared from the world with a clean flash and devoid of any photographers influence.

Today I speak to Katherine about her work and her collection.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I collect photographic images, mainly of people, mainly photobooth…

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