Bonnie Baby Barb

Pretty little Barb is posing so beautifully in this photobooth image, that it is tempting to assume that she had already been in a booth on more than one previous occasion. Barbara’s full name is hand written in ink on the back of this photo but unfortunately the script is mostly illegible after her first name. At some point someone has added in pencil, Barb, aged 4 1/2.


This is a large format photobooth photo that has been hand coloured. It could possibly be an enlargement of a smaller booth photo, however as there were some machines that produced larger size images, I would say from the quality and crispness of the photo that this is indeed the original size.

Barb is wearing what I think is a lapel boutonniere, which I believe is the correct term for a flower that has a small tube water supply, that can be attached to clothing. I am not sure of this interpretation, so please take a look at the detail below and let me know what you think.

photoboothBarbHandcoloured detail


The photo measures 60 x 83 mm and came from the USA.

  1. John said:

    My first impression of the item on her coat is it’s for a flower. Cute photo, too bad the text is gone. Would you attempt to contact family if it were legible?


    • Maybe not contact them but I would put the photo and the details onto one of the genealogy websites and see if anyone recognised her.


  2. Lisa said:

    I believe you’re right about the pin – it’s like a tiny vase for a lapel flower. Clever! I love the tinted colors in this one.


  3. Mike said:

    I do think it’s a very nice photo of her and she does have a certain presence that makes her appear older than the wee lass she was. As to the large beetle crawling up her coat, I do hope they caught it before it nipped dear Barb.


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