Lac Aux Castors – Montreal


This is an undated photobooth photo from Lac Aux Castors (Beaver Lake), Montreal. It is being published today, as Lisa from The Long Way Home Diaries commented last week that she liked a photo of me using the same gesture in one of the booth photos in Dick Jewell’s filmKatherine Griffiths 1973 – …..

I stumbled across this pic when sorting photos for this week’s posts and thought of her immediately. Lisa’s blog is a very personal and interesting one that often focusses on her creative Polaroid self-portrait photos. I encourage you to take a look.


  1. Mike said:

    It’s nice, but behind the hand it’s not you, which would make it nicer.


  2. Lisa said:

    thanks for the mention, katherine, so sweet of you! and thank you for sharing this photo too –


  3. Hmm… I’ll have to remember this move when I see a photo booth.


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