Three in a Booth – 23 December 1999



23 December 1999, Pearse Station, Dublin

My sister, baby Cal and me in a booth in Dublin.

These come from my series Photobooth 41 Year Project. You can see all the posts that document the series by clicking here.


  1. Mike said:

    Your sister popped in and out. A young popper she was.


    • What do they call it these days? Photo bombing? That also makes her a “bomber”, which is what we called kids who jumped in to the pool whilst curled into a tight ball. The splashes were explosive!


      • Mike said:

        Whilst……listen to how you talk. Queen Katherine, the Great. You are great. Yes, photo bombing. She is cute, your sister. Your friend Bron is a fox. And I’m just bad.


  2. Love it!! My little baby boy is so cuuuuute! He’s far too big now! 😦


    • He was the most amiable, best-behaved, cutest, most loveable baby boy ever! Please pop in more often, Sissy. I ADORE it when you leave a comment but also love it when you “like” my posts.


  3. Man… that Baby Cal could throw a wicked look… check out photo #3 with ‘Deer-In-Headlights-Auntie’!


  4. Your sister is damn cute, but I saw you first so you are stuck with me.


    • And happily so!!! (And yes, she is very cute but can be FEARSOME too! Just ask her hubby!)


  5. peersea said:

    You’ve nephew was very cute Kate and I assume he’s now a good-looking young man. Having seen photos of his sister(your niece), your sis and her hubby produce good-looking kids.


    • He is a very good looking young man and they do produce beautiful kiddies! My Sis is a very good looking lady, so it is no surprise!


  6. ehpem said:

    I strongly suspect fearsome runs in your family, not that I have ever seen a hint of it from you. But, you do seem to be very determined and focused (which is not meant to be code for stubborn as that would be too rude). Besides which the childhood picture that is in upper right of your blog has a look of something about to be said; something that amuses you but might not amuse anyone else.


    • Loved your comment Mr E! Determined is me, but I am very easily intimidated by strong personalities and not that good at standing up for myself, though I am better at it than I once was. I have always been good at standing up for others and pretending I am tough! And yes, things that amuse me often don’t amuse everyone!


  7. Delighted to have found your charming blog. I’ll explore further. Regards from Thom at the immortal jukebox (plugged in now).


  8. bronharv said:

    These pics are so darling- look how widdle Cal was- love them.


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