Lori and Me – Part 7



In the seventh part of this series, we have Donna on two different days with two friends. Each photo is dated 1972.

For those of you who remember, I named this series after one of the inscriptions on the back of one of the pics. For a long time I had it in my head that Lori was the blonde star of these photos. I decided to name this large group of pictures after her, despite my mistake. So, here at last and in the top three pictures, is the “Lori” of the title. Ted, one of my friends, will be pleased to finally see her!

In the second two photos, unfortunately faded, we have Donna and Mona (who we saw before in Part 4) and “Steve’s finger”, that being the cigar-shaped shadow at the bottom right of the second image. Not sure who Steve is, but he is obviously important enough to have his finger mentioned!

Donna is photographed with many boyfriends and girlfriends over a period of 4 years from 1969 to 1973 in this series of photobooth photos. It has been a long time since I started these posts, so if you’d like to review the previous photos, please click here.

  1. So, we finally see Lori. She looks like she’s a lot of fun… and could get you into trouble. Looking at the eyes in the first photo, she looks like Jodie Foster, and Donna has a Charlize Theron vibe.

    This is a nice series, Kate.

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    • She has a wicked sense of fun, our Lori! I agree about the Charlize Theron resemblance. Not sure I agree about Jodie F. (She was my first big cinema heart throb, BTW. I was totally in love with her in 1973 when she played Becky Thatcher in the Tom Sawyer movie! ♥️


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