Ted’s Girl, Gail


Two of these photos turned up in the post as a surprise gift from my blogging friend in the USA, Ted. A few weeks later another unexpected envelope arrived but this time from one of my favourite Ebay sellers. I was thrilled to find a note and two more of the same series of photos, which had been sent directly from her, but once again were a gift from Ted.

These charming photos of this smartly dressed young lady would look great as an animated GIF. I did try, but without any success. One day if my concentration improves, I will attempt it again.

These American photos are undated. The sitter is identified as Gail.

  1. What a wonderful surprise to see a new Edition of Photobooth Journal today! Gail is cute as ever, wouldn’t it be great to show this to her today? I’m happy you have found strength to do the thing you love most, Katherine.

    Yes, a GIF would be fun, but I have no clue how to do one. I’ll bet Mike could find out, he’s pretty resourceful. Her little smile is almost the same in 1, 3 & 5.

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    • Hey Ted! Did you see that John has made a gif for me? Isn’t that marvellous! Yes, Gail,is a total cutie. I’m sure she would love to see these. I bet she’d wonder how we got hold of them!


  2. John said:

    I built a .gif playing at default speed of this little girl for you. Use the Contact form on my site, I will send it to you.

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  3. so thrilled to see these little Gail photos bring delight and a group showing~happy to have been a small part of Gail! I love your posts and like Ted and thrilled to see any and all of your ongoing quests!! 🙂

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    • Thanks Marianne. I love the fact that your collecting and selling passion means I can get access to these wee gems that are so under appreciated. It still amazes me how many of them end up unloved and in the public domain. Best wishes to you!


  4. I cannot resist the coincidence. As you see my name is Ted, I often blog stuff, and my sweet grandmother from Shadyside Ohio was named Gail, of course she spelled it Gayle.. I just had to say something.. so funny to me..

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    • Yes, indeed Ted! And we also have very similar surnames. Mine is Griffiths. Okay so not so similar, but all you need is an ‘r’ and you are close to being my favourite mythological beasty, the Gryphon. I used that in my first business name when I was self employed.

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  5. So glad Ted suggested this blog… LOVE it! I have kept all my old photo booth strips– not that many, but I love them. New follower… can’t wait to explore more.

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  6. Gail is such beautiful young lady! She looks a bit like my granddaughter.


  7. elmediat said:

    While strolling through history on your blog, I thought I would pass this Canadian news item. Something about the compositions and the spirit in which they were taken reminds me of the old Photobooth sense of fun and self exploration. Perhaps it was the combination of Green photo shoot location and $10 triple-tequilas and award-winning margaritas . 😀


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