Tennis Anyone?


I adore the fact that this young lady thought to take her tennis racket into a photobooth! I’ve never seen another booth photo that memorialises a sport in this way. The background is interesting for its Egyptian theme of palm trees and pyramids. This is also something I haven’t seen before.

In faded handwriting on the back are these words. . .


My Spanish is good enough to make out some of the script on the back of this pic, but I am hoping someone out there might confirm that I have it right, or tell me where I have gone wrong!

A mi querida mama con todos el cariño, Julita – To my dear mother with all my love, Julita

The information on the bottom is too faded for me to make sense of. I am assuming it is a place-name and a date, 1945 being part of it?



  1. John said:

    Such a cute photo, that little smile and bright eyes! It’s such a mystery, what ever becomes of these people.

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    • Goodness yes! I guess her Ma has passed but she may still be around, or at least some relatives. I am loving these orphan photos in lieu of the families but still wonder why they’ve been so unloved!

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  2. Linda said:

    This girl looks so happy and nice! A great photo, with the original background :-).


  3. what an odd photo !!! Last week I visited an exhibition where they point out the difference between portraits nowadays and 100 y/a. Concerning that, this booth is very, very odd! 🙂

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    • That sounds like my kind of exhibition, Markus. Is there a link to a promotional page online? Id love to know more about it!


      • I checked the homepage of this exhibition, but there were no further information. Btw, it was a really small exhibition with the title ‘History of Photografy’ made up for everyone, not only photographers. As one part of it they showed eight portraits from about 1900 vs eight portraits from nowadays. It was interesting to see how the behavior/posing changed. In the past people try to look very, very serious (maybe it was the one and only chance in a lifetime to get a portrait), with the result, that all people look pretty much the same. Nowadays you could see, that people try to emphasize one particular part of their characters (shy, funny, mysterious, sarcastic, weird …). It was so interesting, because in the end a portrait is a thing where you decide how you would be seen by people. – What a pity that I didn’t capture that.

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        • Thanks for all that information, Marcus. It really sounds like a great investigation of portraiture through time. I tried to leave a comment on your post with the isolated Russian public phone but it would not allow it due to ‘an unspecified error ‘. I was trying to write that it is a great idea to collect more images of strangely located phones and that I look forward to seeing them. 😊


          • Thank you so much. And thanks as well for encouraging me to do the phones-series. But it will take some time.

            btw, I have sometimes the same problem with the reply on comments that were done to a single gallery photo. It’s not possible for me to do that from the reader, so I have to switch to the WP-admin dashboard. Strange.

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  4. Such a sweet pose. And with a tennis racket! I was going to say ’40’s with the bandana… I remember photos of my Mom wearing those at that time. The background is cool.


    • I agree about the date, Ted. Maybe this is a language difference, but I would call what she is wearing a headscarf. We would call it a bandana if worn folded and wrapped across the forehead or if it were worn around the neck and tied at the back.


      • Yes, a headscarf, but here also called a bandana back then. Now they are chiefly seen wrapped across the forehead and would never have been worn that way in the 40’s and 50’s.


        • Actually on closer look, it is not a bandana or scarf at all, but a head covering of some kind. Fun what you see in photos… in fact, you almost expect to see Joe Camel strolling in the background.

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    • Thanks for checking out my other blog! You are a darling! Yes, she is a favourite of mine. I must find an old racket and pop into my closest photobooth before it is gone!

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  5. Reblogged this on Tokens of Companionship and commented:
    I’ve been playing tennis since I was twelve, so I always enjoy seeing rackets in portraits, even when they’re just props. This photobooth portrait is adorable. I love the combination of a child’s racket with palm trees and pyramids.

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    • Way cool that you reblogged this! Thank you. I remember how thrilled I was to get this photo in the mail. I’ve never seen another tennis racquet in a photobooth!

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  6. Val said:

    I bet she had her hair in curlers just before she went out that day! It looks freshly set. What a nice smile. 🙂

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    • Thanks for that insight, Val! I hadn’t noticed or thought about that aspect of her hair style. I agree about her smile. She is a favourite of mine. ☺️

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