Photomaton Diva GIF


I have added this GIF to my original post Photomaton Diva. I like the way this feels like flipping through an album! Thanks again to my friends John and Zeus!

I have a wee detail to add about the above photos. My Photomaton Diva has a kiss curl. According to Wikipedia, “A kiss curl describes a lock of hair curling onto the face which is usually plastered down. Although the curl could be flattened with saliva (hence its alternative name spit curl), soap or hair lotion was more typically used.”

Josephine Baker was one of the most famous wearers of the style.


    • She sure is! May I send you some photos to GIF-erise next time I want to do a post John? It would be fun to have it as a feature!

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            • I think John would have a better chance of making a great GIF, if I could find the right set of photos. I spent the afternoon searching for some but came up empty handed. 😕


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