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Some weeks ago, fellow blogger from The Netherlands, Ruud Vermeij of Picture Happy Times, a blog with vintage photos of happy people, started sending me scans and information about photobooth images. He is always on the look-out for interesting items for his collection and kindly thought of me when booth photos turned up.

Above is one of my favourites. I adore this young man’s serious, quizzical eyes and gently smiling lips. His tousled curls and grandad cardigan (however not so grandad-ish in the era of this photo) remind me of my curly-haired Grandpa who was, in my memory, rarely ever seen out of a cardy.

The picture was found in a flea market photo album. According to Ruud all the pictures in the album were made in the early 1940s and came from a Belgian family.

Below is another photo of the same lad with a friend. It came from the same album. It was posted in Picture Happy Times under the title The Concept of Friendship. Below the photo is a copy of the text from the post.


Friendship I think is being able of setting your own wishes, ambitions and interests aside for a minute. Friendship I think means being able to accept you will be disappointed and let down every once in a while.  

I’m not good at doing these friend-ish things. And that’s why beside Mrs. PHT I just have one friend and that – you guessed it – is me.

  1. Linda said:

    Thanks for the link to Ruud’s blog, it’s a great subject to blog about, smiling and happy people :-). Ruud’s also a neighbor (country-wise, hahaha!), so it’s nice to see Belgian and Dutch photos!

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    • That is fantastic Linda. I’m glad you like it. I like his blog a lot too! Where about’s are you then?


      • Linda said:

        I live in Flanders, the Dutch speaking part of Belgium. I do visit the French speaking part a lot too though. Belgium is a very tiny country, but we manage to have 3 official languages here: Dutch, French and German! Belgium is so small that it’s not a very long drive to the Netherlands and France, so that’s an advantage!

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        • It sure is a great advantage Linda! You live in a very beautiful part of the world and very close to a lot of other very beautiful parts! I love blogging and meeting people like you. It is an unexpected benefit of something I started with no idea where it might lead.

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  2. Mike said:

    The scan of the boy alone is really quite crisp. I expect he must have sharpened the picture post scan, as a photobooth would not have produced anything that sharp, yes?

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    • I understand that yes, he did sharpen the scan, but I don’t often do that with my photobooth photos. Some of them are extraordinary for quality and detail without any help. It is a great photo and he is much better at tinkering with images than I am. I try on some of my more faded images, but that is not my preference.


  3. I love how you flesh out the people in pics… Hey, that kid has a sweater on in the other pic too… are you sure it isn’t your grandfather?

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    • No but there is something about him that is my grandpa. I know you were kidding but you still got it right in a way. This little man is about 30 years too young. I will try to remember to post a picture of grandpa on mugshots and miscellaneous blog so you can see what he looks like. X x


  4. Lemuel said:

    Lovely photos! It looks like the two boys in the bottom image are wearing Boy Scout regalia of some sort.

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      • Lemuel said:

        Lovely to see your blog so active! Really enjoyed catching up on some of your posts. You really do have an impressive collection of images!!!!

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        • Thanks Lemuel and you have an impressive family history And great research skills to boot!


  5. picturehappytimes said:

    Wonderful post, Kate. Well done. And yes to Mike. I allways do a bit of photoshopping, hope you don’t mind.

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    • No, I don’t mind! You are very good at it. Everyone has loved this post due to you great pics, Ruud, so the ‘well done’ is for you and you only. 😀👦🏽


  6. picturehappytimes said:

    And yes to Lemuel too. They are wearing boy scout uniforms. I noticed that too.

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