Jeff Nachtigall is Cool (And Funny)


In June last year I asked Canadian photopbooth aficionado, Jeff Nachtigall aka Dirk Lancer, if I could share some of his images from his Lomography pages. He said yes. Now, finally, here they are.

Just as here in Australia, chemical booths are disappearing in Canada. Jeff says all the black and white booths have gone and he has heard that the colour ones will be gone within the next year or so.

To see more of Jeff’s work please click here.


Complete series

953x4793x2-1 953x4793x2


Below is another series by Jeff with his explanation about how the series was made.

I took this series in a photobooth in West Edmonton Mall, right beside the waterpark, across from the Antique photo parlour. I used an old bed sheet on my lap and over the floor to catch all the hair, while a friend waited outside, handing me loonies (1 dollar coins). The whole series cost $28 and took just under 1/2 an hour to complete. I learned that you can continue to put in coins and get photos done without waiting for the previous strips to develop, but I’m not sure how far you could push this. Next time, I’m taking a straight razor and a bucket of hot water 😉





  1. That guy is hilarious!

    I am not surprised that photo booths will be gone, except for movie theaters or places like Urban Outfitters who do it as an advertising ploy.

    The Cell phone (or mobile for you Britt/Aussie types) has replaced one more thing in life. There is even a photo booth app. I forgot all about that one. I’ll have to take my pic with it again and send Downunder to our photo booth obsessed friend.

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    • He is funny, isn’t he Ted? I wish we had Urban Outfitters here. They sell in an online Aussie store but apparently the nearest bricks and mortar is store is 4634.35 miles away. Look what you get me up to!

      Digital photobooth stuff is fun,, but no match for the old booths. I have Incredibooth on my iPad but haven’t really played with it yet.

      I owe you an email Ted! Will be in touch soon. xx

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  2. I hope the movie theaters still have their photo booths… I plan to take my granddaughters to one next year…

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    • I hope so but doubt it. The paper isn’t being manufactured any longer. 😢😔😪😢


        • The type of photographic paper is very special as it does not need a negative to produce an image, if that makes sense. I guess the fact that hundreds and hundreds of booths have disappeared recently means the demand is so small it is not worth manufacturing any longer.

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          • Sad. I just told my daughter to take the girls for a picture before it gets too late.


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