The Actors’ Agency – Part 4


This is Henri Gilbert. He is looking for acting work in roles such as;

  • the romantic lead
  • a creative yet misunderstood, young (insert type – artist, writer, architect) trying to make his way in the world
  • a studly surf life-saver
  • an agile song and dance man

He has been waiting all his life for his big break. He doesn’t realise he grew old whilst waiting.

This is one from a group of file cards from a Parisian acting agency. The back of the card is blank. According to the seller, none of the actors in the cards I procured, ever made it big in the acting profession. The ones that did, were too expensive for me to buy!

There are some wonderful photos in this series, so stay tuned to Photobooth Journal for more updates



      • feralc4t said:

        Tough to get into and stay in too. Or so I have heard.. Last time I ‘acted’ was a school play.

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          • feralc4t said:

            I was coerced, co-opted, conned into doing it. The one and only time. And of course, the person before me fluffed their lines…

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  1. ehpem said:

    This is a great card – the man has a very interesting face. He looks kindly but one would try to for a photo like this. I wonder whether at home he was a horrid grouch.

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  2. There’s little doubt in my mind he was a contortionist with a travelling circus who wanted to widen his repetoire. The reason he never made it as as actor was his nerves. Apparently, while auditioning for the role of a corpse in a radio play he couldn’t stop coughing. Had it not been for that Henri Gilbert would’ve been a household name. Alas, he didn’t even become a household name in his own house.

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    • He he he. Now I know where they got the expression “corpsing” from. At least he added to the acting lexicon!

      Thanks for that little story. It tickled my funny bone very much.


    • I’m so pleased you commented on that! I don’t think anybody else has read it. I thought it was quite amusing. Well, it amused me to write it!😊🎄🎅🏾

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  3. Looking at these cards generates a lot of imagined biographies and ideas for short stories. Thanks for so many diverting posts (and for your support of the immortal jukebox). Looking forward to further treasures in 2016. Regards Thom.

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  4. Amazing. Looks like it was his first attempt. He doesn’t look experienced in acting.


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