Comedy Duo

photoboothComedy duo

This battered example of a photobooth photo has great appeal for me. It puts me in mind of a Marx Brother’s film (any one of them, really), where an unbearably posh woman is ridiculed and tormented by Groucho, only to fall for his charms. She is the straight ‘man’ to his clown.

Who are these two and what was the occasion that took such an unlikely pair to a booth? Her face is rounded and attractive. She appears to me to be gentle and motherly. She is wearing a fur trimmed hat and a fur collared coat, set off with a collection of large costume jewels. Why is she with this, possibly drunken, sailor?

I have no idea about naval ranks, but isn’t this the uniform of a very young seaman? He looks way too old to be in this outfit. So was this a fancy dress party?

I cannot figure these two out. I love them nevertheless.

  1. Mike said:

    It is the uniform of an enlisted man, and not an officer. His rank would be indicated by the markings on his arm which are not visible here.

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  2. Oh Katie, you sweet innocent, she is most likely a Taxi Dancer and has picked this fellow up for a little extra work after her shift at the Dance Emporium. He wanted a quick snap in the photo booth so he could show his mates back aboard ship.

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    • Do you really think so Ted? Or are you just teasing me? Does that mean you think she is a prostitute? I’m not entirely sure what a Taxi Dancer is to be honest! 😊


    • Yes, you would, thank goodness! I imagine a dime a dance girl is somewhat like Shirley MacLaine’s character in Sweet Charity? (The profession does not exist and has never existed, to my knowledge, in Australia.) Was she also selling her favours? I could never work it out in the film. Straight up now Ted, do you think this woman was a prostitute?


  3. Could be, or maybe she is his girlfriend enjoying a night on the town. She has a weary look about her, like maybe she’s been here before and is being tolerant of this fellow, who’s on shore leave or maybe shipping out to fight.

    Charity was a Taxi Dancer, not a prostitute. Here is a good link to the profession…

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  4. She doesn’t look unhappy or annoyed. She is having fun. May be it was a party after an amateur theater performance? HMS Pinafore?


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