Sweet 16, 17, 18, 19, Eek!


Catherine at 16


Catherine at 17


Catherine at 18

photoboothSweet18 1

Catherine at 18. To a sweet boy, Catherine … (?)


Catherine at 19

photoboothSweet19 1

Catherine at 20

This is Catherine. Catherine comes from the USA. She was very curious about the new Photomaton machines she had read about in the news. When the first booth arrived in her town in the mid 1930s, she was one of the first to try it out. Each year, on the anniversary of her first visit, she would sit for a new strip of photographs. She added them to an album, where she kept a page especially for her booth photos.

Catherine was sweet on a boy when she was 18 years old. She had a photobooth portrait hand coloured to give him, but being shy, she lost the courage, so ended up keeping it for her album.

At the age of 20, sick of her lack of confidence, she decided to try a new look. Her dad said she was a beautiful young woman who had sabotaged her looks with those dreadful eyebrows, heavy eyeliner and dark red lipstick. Her mother said, “It is the fashion, dear. Let her be.”.

If anyone can work out what Catherine’s surname is, please let me know. I have tried many combinations of letters but none of them come up with a name recognised by any of the genealogy sites on the net.

  1. Mike said:

    Real nice series. I liked her look at 19, when she appears more natural and soft. Guess I’m not into much makeup, if any.

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    • And me. I really think she stuffed up with that last look but I’m sure she’d be delighted to have a fan in you, John!

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    • Hi Cate, I replied to this comment earlier but iPad WP is playing funny buggers with me (again). Thanks for commenting, and I’m thrilled you like them so much. Series like these are gold to me. I love seeing the sublte changes over time in a person’s face and fashions. It is time travel in reality and in miniature! Merry Xmas.

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  2. I think she may be Catherine Nichepor, who was a burlesque performer in Chicago. A lot of photos turn up if use search for her using Bing


    • I hadn’t used Bing before. It is very cool! I am still trying to work out if it is the same lady. I think you could be right. Thanks for the info and your interest. (I had assumed the last part of her name was POT, so came up with nothing.)


    • Hi again Ellis. This is very exciting. I think you are right! I will do more research as time allows, and do another post with the new information you have provided. THANKS! I am thrilled with this development!


      • Glad I could help. The yesterdish site has another page of recipe cards that she seems to have written. It sounds like he bought a box at a flea market with all kinds of things including a scrapbook.

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    • Thanks for that Jon! I tried so many combinations but assumed that the last part of her name was POT. It seems from the comments above that Nichepor is indeed correct. Now to investigate more.


  3. This lovely young woman reminds me of an equally lovely young woman I also saw grow up in photo booth photos.

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  4. She overdid her eyebrows on the last ones! Lovely and rare set to find! She was very photogenic. And the one she meant to give but never did…aw! 🙂


    • I would love to see those Damian. Just one thing I need to add, it is only one woman in my post.


  5. Xsi said:

    Sooooo gorgeous. She’s beautiful!!!!

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  6. ehpem said:

    Another great set of photos. And I love that other blog with the recipes and photos and history. How wonderful that you have all that information to hand, and its a bit sad that the collection got broken up like this. But these links bring it together again!

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    • I just wish I had more energy to put into researching these things. Yes it is great that there is a link there now between the two sites. I’m constantly amazed how often things get spread around that should never of been sold on the open market in the first place.

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      • ehpem said:

        Totally agree. There was a case here recently where someone found 3 or 4 generations of family photos in a fat envelope on a bench in a city park. The police advertised about it and a relative 3ooo miles away saw it and claimed them. An elderly relative here had gone into assisted living and someone was cleaning up and threw them away. A dumpster diving homeless person seems to have found them and left them lying around. At least those ones got back to a family member that wanted them, and would have said so if they had been asked during the “clean up”.

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        • That is wonderful that the police acted on that. And also great that the person who found them was responsible enough to hand them in.

          I have heard stories previously of relatives not discussing their intentions with other family members, and not just throwing out photographs but also other important mementos. I’m sure the death of a relative is a very painful time and sometimes expediency is warranted, but still one phone call to ask one person to spread the word, is all that is needed.!

          I don’t really care what happens to me after I’m dead in terms of funeral, burial or cremation. But I would hope that relatives would be respectful of things that I leave behind.

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  7. There is really something very sweet about these photos from a different era. It’s also very interesting to follow her from one year to another. I think I might agree with the father, though.

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  8. A beautiful collection of images. It’s great when you find images of the same person from different time periods. The photos at 18 are my favourites.


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