Yo Yo’s Bro



When I purchased photos of Bill Alcott, also known as Yo Yo the clown, I also bought some of his brother Jim Alcott. As there are no photos of Bill without his clown make-up to be found online, I thought it would be the next best thing to have a glimpse of his real features through those of a close member of his family, and also, of course via photobooth photos. There is a definite resemblance if one only takes into account the shape of their faces.

I think these are also fabulous photos in their own right. Jim has a handsome and kindly face that I find very appealing. I know nothing of Jim’s occupation, but he looks to me like a man of the land in his bib and brace overalls. The first photo also puts me in mind of a storybook locomotive driver, mostly due to the hat he is wearing.

In the photo below, Jim is with a friend named Elmer. With no disrepect meant, he reminds me of his namesake the  Warner Bros. character Elmer Fudd.  This is as much for his looks as for the fact that, until these photos arrived, I had never heard of anyone in real life with that name before.




  1. oglach said:

    Good lord, Elmer does look like Elmer Fudd! Not such a bad thing. Thanks for more great photos and history.

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  2. John said:

    Somewhere, Elmer is still chasing that wascally wabbit… Yo Yo Bro looks like a farmer.

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  3. Love the collection – but ‘I collect therefore I am’ – is priceless/brilliant… 😀

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  4. I think Yo Yo’s features are different, but the smiling eyes might be the same 🙂

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  5. Great set of photos. I agree that he may be a railroad man. Or, as you guess also, a farmer or perhaps a mechanic. Yes, Elmer looks like Elmer.

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