Jean-François Jonvelle


Jean-François Jonvelle (1943–2002) was a French photographer often touted as a master of the erotic image. The link I have added to his name, above, shows a selection of his other work. It is a Google translation of the page, which I hope has worked!

Despite the lass exposing her knickers, I love this, and any other photo that shows, similtaneously, the outside and inside of a now virtually extinct type of photobooth. The prices shown are all in the defunct currency of French francs. This machine offered a choice of options in rare square format prints. But hey, none of you care about any of that. You are too busy looking at the gorgeous woman’s behind, are you not?

What more can I say except bless him for having used a photobooth for one of his shoots, and for not having made it too saucy for this blog.


  1. John said:

    I like her knickers, nice colour. 🙂


    • See, I knew her bum would get all the attention! But of course you are using knickers to poke fun at me. I think they are mostly called undies in Australia. The American word “panties” makes me feel queasy, it is so delicate and cutesy.

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      • John said:

        I am not poking fun at you! Nothing odd about that word at all silly. Panties is rarely used, underwear is more common. Panties is an odd word really.

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  2. elmediat said:

    Excellent. Mass Media commenting on Mass Media – the post comments on photograph that comments on public and private photography and how the line blurs. It anticipates our current age of digital cameras in everyone’s pockets. 🙂

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    • Great interpretation of the photo! I only saw the photobooth but you are so right about the public versus private theme AND how relevant it is to the selfie, sexting world we currently live in. Thanks so much. You are brilliant!


      • elmediat said:

        Just a retired media literacy teacher with to much time. 😀

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          • elmediat said:

            There are times when my wife wished I applied the my analysis skills to aspects of our home. 😀

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            • I’m sure she does! Housework analysis isn’t much fun though, eh? But I guess it could be. I’m sure she’d love you to tell her where all the work needs doing and point out that having been trained in visual analysis you had completed your part of the job and the rest was up to her. 😊 ( Don’t tell her I said any of that!)


  3. Hilarious! I’m sure this has been done a lot over the years… with the curtain closed. And I know who has done it too… Kate! I’m just glad Mr. Jewell didn’t use them in his movie.

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    • Have you been secretly searching through my hidden archive, Ted? 😇. (I haven’t actually tried it, but now you have put the idea in my head. . . !


      • Mike said:

        There was no link that I saw, but I did google his images. My kind of guy.

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