The Actors’ Agency – Part 7

photoboothLydieLore 1

I would like to think that Lydie Lore (or Lydie Loré) had a good career as a stage actress. In an online search however, all the photos I have found of her are linked to the same seller from whom I bought this, and the other file cards from this series.

In two of these photos, (which you can see, below), she is pictured on stage with an older man. All of the photos are very professionally realised, so I have assumed that this means she was in professional productions. Unfortunately however, I cannot find any reference to her work, save for one play called La Route du Tabac, in which she performed in 1947. It is likely the two photos with the man are from that production.

So, maybe Lydie was not as successful as I would like to imagine. Like me, she may have had an addiction to getting photo portraits made, but unlike me, she chose to have them taken in a studio, not in a photobooth.

This card has more photos than most of the items in this series. The booth photos are particularly lovely, showing what an attractive, sophisticated and fashionable young woman she was. Her address and phone number are listed in pencil at the top of the card. Unlike some of the other file records from this agency, there are no further details about her listed on the back.

There are some other great photos in this series, so stay tuned to Photobooth Journal for more posts.

930_001 921_001

216_001 136_001

  1. John said:

    She’s very pretty. I suppose she lacked the talent to become a Betty Grable. Kind of sad.


    • I think acting must be the hardest of all professions. You can get your degree, work hard at developing your skills by doing unpaid community theatre, be really good at it and still not get much work. I think it would be heart breaking.

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  2. A very beautiful young woman. the fashion of the day often made women look older than they were. The photo of her with her hair scraped back; she looks barely in her twenties.

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    • Hi Ziggy! Long time no see. Thanks for the comment. Yes, for better or for ill, we tend to grow up and age a bit more slowly these days.

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  3. John said:

    Hey, my new address is up, just letting you know. Me.


  4. She looks a bit like Selma Hayek in the large photo at top. Those photos would fit something by O’Neill or Steinbeck.

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    • She would have relished roles in anything, I’m sure. Even more so plays by such renowned playwrights.


  5. António Marques said:

    Every person is an universe of events and we all tend to forget how dense and complex our lives are. We can guess so much of Lydie’s life just by seeing this set of photos… It’s one of the magical traits of photography.

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    • What a beautiful comment, Antonio. You are so right. There is so much below the surface in everyone and I too, see the magic in photography.


    • Yes, me too. Maybe she became an acting teacher, or did something else entirely. Either way, I hope she is still enjoying life somewhere”

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  6. How interesting that those are photos from a French version of “Tobacco Road”. I don’t really know the show, but I know it was a huge hit in its day.

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    • That is interesting Matt. I had never heard of it and only realised it was originally written in English when I did a quick search due to this photo.

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