Two Peas In A Pod


A favourite, foreign, friend of mine, forages frequently to find fabulous fotos for me. (And now I have exhausted my alliterative skills I will plough on with this post!)

I love most of the people in my photos but some people more than others. What a fabulous pair these two are. My friend’s hypothesis is that they are sisters. My theory is that they are mother and daughter. Their noses and lips closely resemble the other’s, which convinces me that they are, at the very least, related in some way.

Regardless of their relationship to each other, they have a very similar fashion sense. Their hats and lipstick shades seem almost identical. I love the very arty, large silver pendant and cat’s eye glasses worn by the older woman.The younger woman has a very appealing gap in her teeth and a faraway look in her eyes that reminds me of a young Marilyn Monroe.

Thanks to Ted for his love and dedication to the cause of photobooth photo rescue. I have more gems from him to show you soon.


  1. Brett said:

    Neat find! I agree with you — seems more like mother & daughter.

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    • Thanks Bret. I am very lucky to keep finding gems like these turning up in my letter box!


  2. I’m sticking with sisters, but you might be right about mother/daughter, at any rate, they’re related. And it appears they both have the same style hats. I definitely see the MM look about the younger woman and would love to see the three missing photos. I love what you did out of these old photos, Katherine.

    Your aliteration abilities are absolutely amazing, btw, and I’m going to visit Watson Kennedy this weekend and will have you on my mind.

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    • I’d love to be able to go there with you, Ted. Do you collect anything? What generally takes you there?

      Outside of your personal booth photos, I think this one is my favourite of the ones you have sent me. I agree it would be fantastic to find more of these two!


      • I used to collect books and art about the Pan Pacific Exposition of 1915 in San Francisco. I collect anything about Madame X the painting by John Singer Sargent. I collect small statues. Those are probably the main things. I will have to sell those books, they cost a lot in the 80’s, and I had forgot about them.

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  3. Images like these remind me that something is missing from “modern” portrait photography….There is just something about sepia that makes an image more personal and more timeless…

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    • I’m with you! Sepia is not used often enough these days. It has a magic of its own, especially in portraiture.


  4. Xraypics said:

    It’s a great photo! Very glamorous pair. I’d say the older woman has false teeth, they are too perfect, and a bit long to be her own.

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    • Hi Tony. Thanks for dipping into my archive. I’m chuffed!

      Yes, I think you are correct ! I can totally see false teeth now. Have they gone the way of the dinosaurs these days? Dentistry is so very sophisticated I imagine that if they are still done, they would be implants rather than on a removable plate.

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      • Xraypics said:

        In the last couple of years Ive seen a lot more dental implants. Maybe they’re now more affordable.

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