Twins – 22 June, 1962

As I still use a photobooth that produces images very like this one, it is hard to believe this photo was taken 54 years ago, today.

I recently bought this from an American seller. The listing stated that the pair above, were male and female twins, on the basis of an M and F marked on the back of the photo, along with the date. I don’t believe it. I think they are both boys. The letters could just as easily be referring to their names, Mackenzie and Felix for example.

I would like to know what you think. Are these twin boys, twin girls or a boy and a girl? Please leave a comment, below.


  1. John said:

    Two boys for sure, Katherine! Hope you are feeling good. ❤️


    • Hi John. I agree but liked the fact they are both a bit feminine in their own way. Look at those gorgeous cupid bow lips! I do like a bit of androgyny in my photos. I am struggling on.

      Always feel better if I can get a blog post out every so often. Have been bad at keeping up with other blogs, but hope to get back to that soon.

      How is it over your way? x


  2. They way the hair is cut on both of the children I would say “boys.”


  3. I definitely think they’re both boys! 54 years ago, no one would allow their daughter to dress like a boy, or wear their hair that way. Thank goodness times have changed, but still. I definitely think it’s Mark and Frank… or something along those lines. 😉


  4. Hard to say. I’m thinking boys. I get a weird vibe. Would love to see what they look like today… but then don’t we always when looking at photobooth strips?

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    • More than most of my images, I was thinking that. I wonder if they grew fat, unhealthy and ugly? I hope they aged well and looked after themselves.


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